Four Ideas to Give Old Tins a New Life

Four Creative Uses for Old Tins

I’ve been staring at this Ritz container my entire life. On sick days, my mom would reach into this tin and pull out a sleeve of crackers to keep me and my ginger ale company on the couch while we watched Little House on the Prairie. This year, while doing spring cleaning, she asked me if I wanted the old Ritz tin, and I couldn’t help but say yes. That got me thinking about how useful, versatile and gosh darn cute tins can be. So I set out in search of others (obviously I went to Goodwill® first!).

Photo of multiple tin containers

I made out incredibly well. Better than I could have imagined, in fact! I’m now the proud owner of more tins than I really need, so I’ve had to come up with a few good ways to use them. My BFF and I sat down together over coffee after bringing in our first haul and came up with the following ideas:

Using tins for kitchen storage

Seeing as the infamous Ritz tin was always in my parents’ kitchen, I wanted to find it a place in my own. We never really have crackers in our house, but we do have a lot of wooden spoons! For kitchens with limited space, why not free up some of your drawers and put those beautiful utensils on display?

Image showing tins used as gift wrapping

If you stink at gift wrapping, here’s an alternative for you. The holidays are approaching and it couldn’t get easier than packaging your presents up in a cute tin box. Fluff up the inside with reused tissue paper, add a ribbon on the outside and you’ve got yourself some great eco-friendly (and easy) gift wrapping.

Using tins to organize

It’s easy for little things to make big messes – thumb tacks, paper clips, pens, rubber bands. It seems like every home has a junk drawer (mine included), but what is the point of keeping these things if you never go in there… or worse, when you go in looking for something that you thought was there, but can’t find it. Perhaps it would be easier on everyone in the house if the ambiguous “junk” was separated by function into smaller tins, then labelled.

Using tins as a lunch box

Get ready to feel accomplished. I’ve never had a lunchbox that I really like, but still, my lunch needs to go somewhere! With a little elbow grease, a thrifted tin and belt, and a couple of tools, I took matters into my own hands and ended up with this beauty! Here’s how you can make a lunch box in a matter of minutes:

Supplies needed for tin craft

Tin craft tutorial instructions

Do you have any tins in your house? What do you use yours for? If you got them at Goodwill, then your dollars helped to train people for careers in fields such as financial services, computer programming, and manufacturing as well as emerging industries such as technology and health care. Thanks for helping your community get back to work!

Have a wonderful day!

xx, Julia