Get Outside With Goodwill®

Where I live in New Hampshire, it’s finally warm enough to spend long periods of time outside! The ice is disappearing from our lakes, birds are chirping, and drab fields are gaining an ever-so-faint tint of green. We’ve waited long enough, so I’m about ready to dive head first into my outdoor adventures. Join me for the perfect day outside, won’t you?

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This may be a little premature, but I’m eager to celebrate spring with a warm weather outfit. There’s one look that never goes out of style and would be absolutely perfect for the day that I’m envisioning. It’s the classic jean shorts and button-up shirt duo. It worked for Christina Ricci in the ‘90s and it works for Caitlin of the blog Wore Out now! Versatile pieces like these two are worth their weight in gold (yet they only cost a few dollars at Goodwill!) and can be mixed and matched with almost anything else in your closet. Once you’ve got that outfit in order, we’ll go get some fresh air.

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My husband and I just bought our house in November and before that it had gone through some major renovations. Construction vehicles had been driving across the lawn all summer and fall so the yard was an absolute mess by the time we moved in. Then, of course, it was buried under snow for five months. The snow eventually melted, but I had absolutely no idea where to start until I stumbled upon this gardening pinboard that Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin put together. I’d wager there are some ideas in there that you’d love, too. No yard? No problem! You’ll be surprised by the creative containers people have used for their plants so I’d highly suggest taking a quick scroll through. Or, stroll around Goodwill in search of a brand new container gardening idea. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I can’t imagine a better day outside than a productive one spent with my hands in the dirt.

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When we’re all done gardening, it’ll be time to kick back with a cold one (a cold lemonade, that is!) and challenge family or friends to a game of ring toss. I found this DIY tutorial from Marion Goodwill Industries, Inc. which shows us how easy it is to make the game with supplies found at home and at Goodwill. For less than $5, you’ve got entertainment for the night and you’ve helped your neighbors at the same time! How? Because you’ve supported Goodwill and Goodwill provides services — including child care, financial education, transportation, youth mentoring and other services— that enable people from all backgrounds to obtain and maintain economic independence and an increased quality of life.

Good luck with your yard projects and don’t forget to savor every last minute. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the beautiful weather can’t last forever so whether you prefer a sunhat or a sun porch, make the most of your time outside.