Gilmore Girls Style at Goodwill®

With the Gilmore Girls revival expected before the end of this year, I can’t help but head back to Stars Hollow with a little weekend binge watching. Although it originally aired 16 years ago, something about the warmth of small towns, the excitement of academia, and the comfort of steaming mug of coffee just calls me to this heartfelt TV dramedy. If you, too, are a friend of Rory, Lorelai, Sookie, and Luke, then get ready to rekindle your love just in time for the new episodes. Never seen it before? Let me catch you up!

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The show centers around a young mother (Lorelai) and daughter (Rory) duo who are constantly tossing witty banter back and forth as they go about their quaint, quirky little lives. In the middle of their whimsical Connecticut town, Rory can often be found with her nose buried in a book. She simply devours everything from Tolstoy to Wodehouse with barely a breath, so I can only imagine how much money she must have spent at Andrew’s bookstore! Side note: If I had the time to read like she does, I’d probably be more likely to do my shopping at Goodwill. With stock that is constantly being refreshed, the book sections of Goodwill stores (like this adorable nook at a Tulsa Goodwill) always have the classics plus surprising new additions. Now that I think of it, I remember Rory once saying she ordered her books on Amazon… maybe from one of the Goodwill Amazon pages? Anyway, back to the show…

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While Rory is centered and studious, her mother can be best described as unconstrained. This quality is easily observed simply by taking in her style! The revival promises to bring us fast talking, old friends, and please, oh, please – some adorably kooky Lorelai outfits. She may be catching some flak for her outfits in the early seasons of the series (bucket hats, anyone?), but let’s cut the young, single mom a little slack. We all made mistakes back then, didn’t we? The blog College Fashion gets it, though, and recognizes her as a true fashion inspiration. They’ve gleaned wisdom from this unapologetic dresser with this Three College Style Tips blog post. Highlighting some of Lorelai’s smartest sartorial decisions, this post is the perfect inspiration before you head to your local Goodwill to grab the goods without breaking the bank.

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Other than books and clothes, how can you bring a little piece of Gilmore Girls into your home in time for the revival? Consider these adorable coffee bean votives shared by Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh). DIY décor doesn’t get easier than this, friends – just pour some freshly roasted whole coffee beans into small bowls (thrift store prices make these a smart investment!), then place a tea light candle in the center. After a few minutes of burning, the warmth of the candle will create the pleasing aroma of coffee that is constantly following Lorelai from the Diner to the Dragonfly and anywhere else she may appear, compliments of her ever-present cuppa joe.

Throughout the series, the Gilmore Girls even mention donating to Goodwill a couple of times! I suppose that really shouldn’t surprise us given how community-focused they are. One of the most satisfying aspects of the show is feeling a part of the benevolent town events that Lorelai is constantly assisting with. She participates in the Knit-A-Thon to save the Old Muddy River Bridge, makes a picnic for the Bid-A-Basket charity event, and adopts a dog in need (Here, Paul Anka!) from the town’s annual pet finder convention. Since Goodwill is constantly striving to help build stronger families and vibrant communities, too, the Gilmore Girls’ support of Goodwill seems only natural.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to head back to Stars Hollow with me? Anyone on #TeamJess is welcome to join my kick-off party once the official release date is announced! You bring the Red Vines, I’ll swing by Al’s Pancake World for Chinese food.