Goodwill® is New Grad Headquarters

Right now, plenty of graduates are preparing to embark on an exciting new path. This turning point brings nervousness, high hopes, and, sadly, it often also means a lack of funds. It isn’t easy to start over, so saving money becomes especially important during times like these. That’s one of the reasons why I love supporting Goodwill®!

Image via Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin

After my college graduation, I moved into my first apartment. Since I had never before lived on my own, there were a shocking number of things that I overlooked. I remember being incredibly grateful on my first night to see that the previous tenant had left a roll of toilet paper (phew!), but it wasn’t until I washed my hands and was ready to leave the bathroom that I realized I hadn’t even considered buying hand towels! If you are a graduate or will be celebrating one this month, you might want to take a peek at this graduation gift guide compiled by Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin (Menasha). It could save you some frustration during your transition (and even keep your shirt dry).

Image via Laura Lily

For a posh commencement look, you don’t have to spend a fortune. This elegant ensemble is comprised of pieces Laura Lily bought at her local Goodwill. She didn’t plan to shop the day she came upon them, but happened to pop into the store while dropping off donations and ended up finding this coat, skirt, and blouse all for less than $23. The outfit graced her blog this week and would be perfect for anyone attending a graduation, whether in the audience or on stage. Make sure you check out the blog post because Laura’s Harry Potter reference was giggle-worthy and I love how she didn’t let all that pink scare her away from the outfit. Instead of mixing in another color, she kept it bold, but still diverse, by including different textures and an unexpected (for Delores Umbridge, anyway) shoe choice.

Image via Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont

Hosting a graduation party? No event is complete without a photo booth! Thanks to smartphones and their ever-present internet connection, all you really need to provide is a backdrop and some amusing props! Let your guests and their social media networks take care of the rest. You can find some simple, but lively photo booth ideas on Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont (Charlotte)’s blog if you’re in search of a little inspiration.

Even with a new degree under your belt, you may face difficulties finding work. Goodwill can help you there, too! People who have participated in Goodwill’s career services have gone on to work with competitive employers including the Internal Revenue Service, General Electric, General Motors, SE Johnson, Whirlpool, and the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Whichever direction you are heading toward, don’t forget that Goodwill is eager to assist. I wish you the very best!