Goodwill® Stores: Breaking the Thrift Shopping Mold

Mural outside Goodwill Miami store
It’s been a few years since I took a little stroll through the thrift stores of Florida, so a few weeks back on my trip down to the Goodwill Summer Conference, I got a chance to pop in and check out some locations I hadn’t been to before. I’ve always said, I’d fly back to Florida just to thrift — and the stores I went to only reinforced that statement.
Yes, folks. It’s that good.
First stop was the Goodwill Boutique in Palm Beach. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to make this stop but it was an absolute must on my list. I’d been hearing about this place for years.
It’s nestled between some upscale consignment stores with a gorgeous facade on a side street. You’d never know it was a Goodwill from the outside — at all.  It’s small but mighty on the inside, as evidenced by the racks of never-worn couture ball gowns and Armani suits. The jewelry section alone is drool worthy. While I have to admit it did have some everyday wear, the majority of the store’s selection bears a striking resemblance to the society page of the local newspaper. Which isn’t surprising since I passed Donald Trump’s old digs, Mar-A-Lago, to get there.
Surprisingly — but then again, not really — there are all types of people browsing, even in this place.  Which only goes to prove that thrift stores really are a melting pot of America, regardless of where you go.
Second stop was Pembroke Pines, where the store was bright and fun!  Lots of sunny Florida-wear, and surprisingly, a selection of winter coats. But in their defense, as a former resident of the state myself, I know how easy it is for Floridians to overreact when the mercury dips below 62.
Bathrooms at Goodwill store - Guyabera
On to the Goodwill in Little Havana–can you say AWESOME?  Not only is it in a cute part of old Miami, which always trumps new in my mind–but it’s also graffiti-ed with cool street stencils highlighted by panel of colorful art that includes their logo.  And the adorable baby-sized Guyaberas to signify the mens’ and ladies’ rooms were a great touch.
Goodwill birthday card
I had a great time with my fellow bloggers in Florida last month as you can tell, but I’ll wrap things up here by thanking Goodwill of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago for being the first birthday card I got this week! I don’t know when I’ll be back, but this 25 percent off coupon is going in my purse right now! Maybe I’ll celebrate my birthday this year by wearing the pretty Isaac Mizrahi dress I got at the store in Milwaukee last year!