Great Expectations: Baby Prep Goodwill® Style

As you count down the months you have left before baby arrives, you’re probably watching your bank account get smaller, too. It’s remarkable how much stuff babies need, am I right? Of course some of it seems unnecessary at the out-start, but in my experience, if it buys mom and dad even three minutes of quiet to sit down, prepare a meal, or use the bathroom, then it’s worth every penny. Still, splurging on all new gear would be a serious budget buster so thrifty parents turn to our old friend Goodwill.

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Yes, it is possible to thrift your entire nursery. And even though it’s pulled together piece by piece, it can still act as a serene retreat for a drowsy newborn! I know this because Goodwill of Central Arizona (Phoenix) was able to accomplish such a task for one lucky little lady with the grand total coming to less than $100. Want to know the secret? It’s DIY craftiness, of course! The soon-to-be parents who designed this nursery snagged several secondhand sheets that they then used to make pillows, curtains, a crib skirt, and even wall art. This is the perfect method for making a little bit go a long way and you’d end up with cohesive décor, too!

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Shelby, the mama behind Honeysuckle blog, had the same idea and decided to pull together her son’s travel-themed nursery from secondhand pieces, too. I am so in love with the whole room! From the darling bicycle wall hanging to the abacus and piggy bank that rest peacefully on baby Grady’s bookshelf, this nursery was curated for less than $250 (still an amazing price!) with lots of Goodwill items. Even the crib was secondhand! Baby DIY tip from Shelby: since babies put everything in their mouths, if you want to give an updated old crib to a new baby, add a coat of eco-friendly, teething approved sealant. This will keep your sweetie safe and still allow you to pass on those heirloom pieces.

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Boy or girl, clothing is yet another piece of the puzzle that must be in place before baby arrives. Meaghan from Goodwill Industries of Denver (CO) lists the top five children’s items you should always buy from Goodwill based on her experience as a mom. It really makes sense, too. Kids grow so quickly that one day they are squeezing into a pair of pants that was baggy last week. Save money and stress by searching Goodwill before you buy new! Click through to find out what makes the list.

Since Goodwill’s infrastructure helps fund direct services for millions of people annually and it also results in positive social and environmental outcomes for the global community, your purchases are about more than creating a good future for your little one. Instead, by supporting Goodwill stores, you are making the whole world better for all future generations! Who can argue with saving money and saving the world? Not a Supermom like you!