Holiday Shopping Has Never Been Easier: Find Meaningful Gifts for the Whole Family at Goodwill

By Felicia Czochanski Bisaro

As the holidays approach, the present shopping season is in full swing. Department store lines are long enough to wrap around the racks, and prices are higher with inflation despite the sales and deals being advertised. Holiday shopping can be stressful, especially when you’re shopping for multiple people. It can be exhausting to go from store to store looking for the perfect gift. Not to mention expensive! If there was only one store that could have something special for everyone at a fraction of retail prices… that’s where Goodwill fits in.

Holidays are a time for love, joy and timeless magic. Shopping for gifts should be fun, not stressful. It should be a time to reflect on what your loved ones enjoy and how you can make them feel special or appreciated. When you shop at Goodwill, you can not only find meaningful gifts that the whole family will love, but you’re spreading the holiday cheer even further, with all proceeds going back to the Goodwill mission of supporting job training and resources for people in your community. It’s one of the reasons I love to shop at Goodwill during the holiday season and to donate pre-loved items for others to enjoy, too.

On a recent trip to Goodwill in Downtown Brooklyn, I searched the racks and shelves for gift pairings that would work nicely for different members of the family. Check out what I found below, and let it be the inspiration for your next holiday shopping trip!

Gifts for Kids: Cozy Sequins & Board Games

Nothing brightens a youngster’s day like a cozy sweater bedazzled with sequins and a fun, trendy board game! The sweater is in great condition and perfect for colder, festive weather. I can vouch for a game like Zingo! – which I’ve played with my young nephews – it’s bingo, but with animals! And it comes at a price tag of $1.99 at Goodwill. It’s a steal for nights of cute family fun.

Gifts for Women: Velvet Vibes & Loving Signs

There’s something for the women in your life at Goodwill. I have three sisters, so it can take a while to find the right gifts for them. After a few minutes in Goodwill, I discovered this pretty new, with tags, velvet ruffle blouse from a French designer and these cute home decor signs that look shabby chic and well-loved. The top sign comes with a picture holder, so I’ll add a picture of my sister and me for a personalized gift.

Gifts for Men: Warm Sweaters & Cool Sneakers

Each year, my husband’s wish list consists of clothes for the upcoming year. He’s not a shopper – which balances the two of us out – so I enjoy using this time to find things that he’d love but wouldn’t buy for himself. A classic blue crewneck sweater is perfect to wear throughout the winter, and these fun Allbirds will be a nice bonus surprise! Allbirds are known for their sustainable materials and comfort, which makes it all the more perfect to find a pair at Goodwill.