How to Embrace a Clutter-Free New Year to Make Room for New Opportunities in 2024

By Felicia Czochanski Bisaro

Are you hoping to beat the clutter in 2024? There’s something special about those moments in which we can truly start fresh. This time of year is when we reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t and turn those insights into a new perspective. Decluttering what no longer serves you creates more than just extra space; it creates room for new opportunities. As 2024 continues, let this be your reminder to take the time to prioritize the things in life that make you feel good and find the courage to let go of what you no longer need.

The Closet Cleanout

For me, decluttering my closet is a quarterly undertaking. I love thrift shopping at Goodwill, and my closet can become pretty full of all of the incredible finds I come across in the store. It’s amazing how it can sneak up on you if you’re filling your closet with new items but not getting rid of items at the same time. If I start to get into the pattern of wearing the same go-to outfits and have a closet full of other clothes I can barely see or remember, that’s a sign that it’s time for a major closet cleanout.

If you’re a fashionista, closet cleanouts can feel daunting. You likely have an emotional connection to your clothes and many happy memories that each item brings. This is normal. But it doesn’t mean you have to keep everything — especially when you might already have a cute picture documenting your look.

If you’re nervous, you can do a closet cleanout a little bit at a time. Is there a pair of jeans you used to love but haven’t worn in close to a year? Take that out of your closet and drop it into the donate pile — for all you know, they might not even fit anymore. What about a workout top that’s hidden in the back of your drawer? You probably won’t miss it when it’s gone. Think about decluttering just two or three things at a time, and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it makes the task.

The Home Cleanout

Decluttering should be about more than just your closet. Take a quick scan of your home — is there anything you no longer use, want or need? A quick pile I pulled together was a salt lamp that I used to love but no longer have the right space for and a pile of books that I read but know I’ll no longer read again. You can tackle a room a week and see how many donation bags you can fill.

What Comes Next?

During your cleanout, whatever stage you’re in, you can bring your donation bags to Goodwill. Goodwill has a 100% reuse policy, meaning your donations will not go to waste if they aren’t sold in stores. This is so important for me personally because I am a believer in conscious living and don’t want to contribute to landfill waste whenever possible.

Plus, Goodwill uses your donations to generate revenue that supports your community by providing jobs, job training and skills training to those who need it.

So, grab those donation bags and bring them to Goodwill. It’s quick and easy to drop off, and you’ll be offered a tax-deductible receipt upon request.