Industrial Interior Design at Goodwill®

I love the utilitarian look of industrial interior design. It seems like peppering my home with sturdy, durable pieces somehow grounds the space so I love to add pipes, cement, and wood accents when I can. For that worn look that adds authenticity to industrial pieces, buying or creating your own décor in this style from second-hand goods is really the best way to go. Don’t you think that one of the best aspects of industrial décor is that everything seems to have a story? Why not start with items that have already lived before you bought them then do some updates to make them your own? Here are some examples:


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When the husband of Cassie from the blog Crafted to Create was shopping at Goodwill one day, he spotted these outdated bar stools for just $5 each and knew his darling could turn them into something fantastic. She completely changed the aesthetic from a boring billiard look to a somewhat earthy restoration piece simply by swapping out the seat and adding some fresh paint to the chrome legs! Metals are great when decorating for an industrial look, but chrome has a pretty intense shine to it that reminds me more of a medical office or a new car showroom than someplace I can feel at home. As such, I think this transformation was exactly what the doctor ordered.

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Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) pinned a quintessentially industrial DIY floor lamp on their Goodwill Renews! pinboard. I’m in love with it! The next time you’re out thrifting, keep your eyes peeled for pipes (even if they’re already constructed as something else!), lightbulbs, and lamp kits so you can try this at home. If you’re able to thrift some of these supplies from your local Goodwill then not only will you be brightening your home, but you’ll also be helping Goodwill generate opportunities for people to build brighter futures for themselves and their families! For the full tutorial, make sure you click the link above!

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If that project seems a little intimidating for someone just starting out, I give you permission to bookmark it for later. Maybe start with this adorable faux-concrete DIY which is so incredibly simple that it takes nothing more than some paint, wax, and a free afternoon. Oh, and a thrifted figurine! There are always tons of cute paperweights and doodads on the shelves of Goodwill when I shop – even a clock, vase, or piggy bank could be updated in this way! Make sure you swing by Goodwill Industries of the Valleys’ (Roanoke, VA) DIY For Home pinboard for more details and other fun project ideas.

What do you think? Has the raw functionality of industrial décor made its way into your heart yet? This unique style is a really fun way to give new life to older items and it keeps them out of the landfills (yay for eco-friendly shopping!) so, if you haven’t already, we invite you to give it a try. Happy Goodwill hunting!