Making it Yours: Found to Favorite

If you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself. This is a hard idea to swallow because it means putting a lot of elbow grease into everything you do, but, if you think about it, isn’t that the only way you’ll be perfectly satisfied with the outcome? Take clothing, for example, it’s rare to find a shirt that fits you exactly right on the first try. Even if it fits in the store when you by it brand new, after running it through the wash once or twice it can fit very differently. Why not whip out that sewing machine and turn it into something that is just right for your body. You’re unique. Your stuff should be unique, too!

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Here’s what I mean: You see that brown shirt on the left that was shared by Goodwill Industries of New Mexico (Albuequerque)? It’s a got great fabric, a great price, a great neutral color, but it is certainly not a great fit for a lady who appreciates clothing with a fancy silhouette. Look at the after shot, though, and you’ll see why it is worth the time and effort to take something you are interested in and make it your own. This lovely new peplum frock is eye-catching and inexpensive. Perfect! Check your local Goodwill stores for project materials the next time you’ve got the itch to sew. You’ll be doing more than helping your closet, too. You’ll also be helping Goodwill to fund their programs which enable youth to stay in school and learn to work; assist workers who have lost jobs; continue long term services to people with physical and intellectual challenges; and provide business and government with a dependable labor force.

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Okay, so you can’t sew. There are plenty of other ways to take something you like and turn it into something you love. For fans of mid-century décor, thrifting a good sunburst mirror is always a score. But then there’s the tease of finding a similar mirror that just doesn’t capture the mid-century vibe because it was actually made in the ‘90s. What do you do? You make it your own, of course. Suzannah and Jason found this mirror at their local Goodwill (in fact, a huge portion of their gorgeous Apartment Therapy-approved home is sourced from Goodwill!) and just had to update it. With only some paint, glue, and – the secret ingredient – wooden skewers, the mirror went from found to favorite in no time!

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If you’re anything like me, you can sometimes become obsessed with the thought of a certain item that would solve a very particular problem in your home. The trick is that this item doesn’t actually exist. Vachelle of Goodwill Easter Seals (St. Paul, MN) knows just what I mean! She needed a basket to corral countertop craziness in her bathroom, but couldn’t find anything that was the right size or color…until one day when she was browsing around Goodwill. She spotted a pink sun hat that was just the right hue and she didn’t let its intended purpose stand in her way. Vachelle stiffened the hat DIY-style so it would be sturdy enough to hold towels and hand soap. Problem solved! Find out how she did it by clicking through to be blog post!

Have you found anything at Goodwill that was just begging for you to remake it? How did you go about making it yours? We always love to see your Goodwill projects.