On The Prowl for Wild Finds? Try Goodwill®!

I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who wasn’t absolutely charmed by at least one particular species of animal. Some identify as “cat people”, some as “dog people”, but most individuals seem to go gaga for basically any furry animal. Other critters, too, manage to fly, swim, or scamper into the hearts of humans without a whole lot of effort. There’s just some innate connection we feel with the other members of the animal kingdom that makes us want to include them in our lives. Today I want to celebrate that friendship, and what better way than by sharing some incredible Goodwill finds?

Image via Buildipedia.com

First, let’s head over to the Pet Love pinboard created by Goodwill Industries of Alberta (Edmonton). I’ve found that in life there are two kinds of good pet accessories: the kinds your pets love (yay!) and the kinds that both you AND your pets love (double yay!). Things that fit into this latter category include fun play spaces that actually work with your home décor, easy DIY toys you can create from thrifted sweaters, and sneaky repurposed cabinets, like the one pictured above, that contain the mess, stench, and hideousness of litter boxes. If you’re looking for a little pet accessory inspiration, check out the pinboard for tutorials then head to your local Goodwill store for DIY supplies!

Image via TwoStylishKays.com

While you’re there, you might as well peruse the racks for clothing inspired by the wild. Keren, the beautiful blogger behind Two Stylish Kays, completed this look while thrifting! The Goodwill boots and blouse are perfectly complimented by sleek skinny jeans and a fluffy, on-trend faux fur vest. Although I often feel like fur and animal prints should be solitary statement pieces layered with basics, Keren has proven me wrong with this look. I now see that it is totally possible to build a great outfit around multiple fauna-inspired pieces. Let’s have a quick round of a-paws for Keren!

Image via facebook.com/dmgoodwill

Finally, I’m sure you already knew all about how Goodwill cares about the community and the planet. But did you know that Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa (Des Moines) has taken their altruism a step further by actually adopting a red panda named Berry? That’s right! You can see pictures and learn a little more about this little darling by visiting their Facebook page. Not only are red pandas my all-time favorite animal (instead of being a cat person or a dog person, can I be a red panda person?), but Berry is my maiden name, so I feel especially drawn to support an organization that gives back to people and sweet animals alike. Now, I think it’s time to visit Iowa and make a furry new friend. Who wants to be my road trip buddy?

It’s your turn! Have you made any perfect purrr-chases at Goodwill for your pets or snagged any stylish shirts that show off your favorite animal? Maybe a real treasure is out there right now just waiting for you to take it home!