Practice Executive Presence This International Women’s Day with a Goodwill Power Outfit

By Felicia Czochanski

Women in power can achieve great things. Yet the journey of getting to those leadership positions can still be difficult in today’s world. Currently in the U.S., women hold only around 10% of the top executive positions at companies, which shows despite progress, there is still a lot of work to do to achieve equal representation of women in leadership positions to men in similar positions. This is why an awareness day like International Women’s Day is so important to bring attention to solutions for issues that are keeping women from fulfilling their potential.

A white blazer hanging by a hanger in a door

International Women’s Day is a global holiday to celebrate women and girls, and to raise awareness of issues that exist in our society like gender inequality, sexism, reproductive rights, and abuse. It is also an opportunity to celebrate women who are in leadership positions and empower others to keep reaching for their goals. By helping each other up, women will start to see the possibility of career growth because more of a feasible reality, which is such an important first step to bringing this to fruition. I’ve learned throughout my own career that it is important to have a role model in your industry that you can emulate and look to for advice. The spirit of inspiration and mentorship is so important, and so is the belief in yourself that you are ready for the challenge of being in charge.

This International Women’s Day, take some time to write down what makes you feel confident on a piece of paper and a couple steps you can take to do more of whatever that is. One thing that helps me get into a “girl boss” mindset is putting on a power outfit that makes me feel good, look good, and boosts my confidence. Executive presence is so important for anyone looking to excel in their career, and first impressions often come from a combination of what you’re wearing and how you present yourself. Building out a wardrobe of power outfits can be the hack that can elevate your confidence, and your career to the next level.

Women standing up wearing a pink blazer and black pants and top holding a small black clutch.

When you think about power outfits, perfectly tailored pants suits might be what comes to mind, or an incredible laser-cut blazer that makes you look sharp and gives off “don’t mess with me vibes.” These are great options, but not the only ones. Through trial and error, you’ll find the power outfit that works for you and gets you into a boss mindset. As you try things out or source this new part of your wardrobe, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you shop second-hand at Goodwill. At Goodwill, you’ll be able to find incredible statement pieces for a fraction of their retail price, giving you more room to try new things and collect a variety that allows you to mix and match. Some of my favorite power outfit pieces have come from Goodwill, like a Burberry blazer with jewel buttons, a hot pink Emerson Park blazer with this pair of Free People flare pants, and a Michael Kors jumpsuit that has served me well while attending industry conferences.

Whatever your recipe is for your power outfit, make sure you’re taking advantage of it as a stepping stone to helping you become more confident in your ability to lead. Sometimes, faking it until we make it is the way to go. Eventually, once you feel you can take on anything, those around you will believe it too.