Say Hello to Summer, Thrift Style

With warmer weather comes the urge to be outside all day every day. From the moment that those first sunbeams reach out in the dewy morning well past when the sun retires at night, I find myself looking for excuses to get outdoors. Today I’d love to share a few of those excuses with you, just in case you’re a summer-lover like me. Read on for more!

Summer Thrift Style 1

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What’s better than a drive-in movie on a warm summer night? Not a whole lot, that’s what! Really, the only thing I can think of is if attending said movie (Let’s just say it’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens which is being shown at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, VA next Thursday night!) also benefited a great local cause. The good news is that this one actually does! Rappahannock Goodwill Industries (Fredericksburg, VA) is partnering with the racetrack on June 23rd to provide a night of entertainment that will be outdoor fun for the whole family and give back to the community at the same time. For more information, check out the details here. If you, like me, are not in the area, here’s another fun excuse to get outside…

Summer Thrift Style 2
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Heather, the blogger behind Setting of Four, compiled a fantastic list of quick summer-inspired décor ideas over on her blog. I was particularly in love with the effortless look of the vintage enamel pitcher which is used here to house peonies. Tending flowers in the garden is maybe the most rewarding summertime hobby I can think of. You care for and nourish a living thing and it returns your hard work by providing beauty to enhance your space. If you’re a dedicated gardener, the thought of just popping some peonies into a thrifted pitcher must be a comfortingly easy way to display the blooms for your family to enjoy so you can get back outside. If you’re not a confident gardener, spend some golden afternoons seeking out native wildflowers and your simple summer centerpiece will be twice as nice! As this gorgeous photo proves, any second-hand enamel/glass/pottery pitcher will do them justice, just keep a lookout the next time you’re at Goodwill!

Summer Thrift Style 3
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Here’s a fun reason to get outside: to show off your adorable thrifted finds! This stylish and sassy look was recently spotted in a Goodwill West Texas (Abilene) thrift store and shared on their Facebook page. The cropped top, sandals, and shorts are perfectly cool and the color and pattern is bold. Looking cute on those unreasonably hot days of summer can be tricky. When the temperature rises, all you want to do is jump in a lake, but it seems like there are always errands to run, so seek out some clothes like these now which will allow for some good airflow while you go about your business. Having sandals that strap all the way on is smart, too, since the inevitable sweatiness of your little piggies may lead to some slippery steps. Avoid sliding right out of your shoes with a look like this while you stay on-trend!

What’s your favorite reason to step outside in the summertime? Any chance I can come along? Here’s hoping there’s a beautiful weekend ahead of you with an inviting summer-y breeze.