Seven Style Trends to Follow This Fall

As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week gets underway in New York this week, I decided to look back at some of the trends from the runway, sift through all the designers and their wares, and pull out my top seven looks that translate into everyday fashion for the fall.

1. Boot cut jeans and slacks

While you don’t have to banish your skinniest jeans to the back of the closet, add to your wearable bottoms collection a pair of boot-cut or even a more fully flared pant or jean. The proportions here are perfect for the gal with a little more in the hip area as they create balance by hanging straight down the leg instead of fitting it tightly.

2. Knit ponchos and oversized scarves

The knit poncho and cape have made quite a comeback, and when worn in early fall, are perfect layered with a sweater and jeans. Later when it is colder out, it can also be used as an oversized scarf and just simply popped over a wool pea coat or jacket for another way to wow this winter. Big oversized scarves are still going strong and can really dress up a plain coat or jacket.

3. Color, color, color

Burnt brownish orange, pinks and reds do fall proud with a warmth that just can’t be beat when paired with more somber tones of gray and black. The total opposite on the color wheel can be complementary without matching your outfit. Color blocking and hombre (going from dark tonality to lighter) are also still viable this season. Look for autumnal tones and shy away from pastels and colors that lack depth, they are much better suited for summer.

Woman wearing faux-fur lined hoodie.Printed Posies

4. Go faux (or real if you like)!

Fur in small doses, like vests, cuffs, collars and scarves, can add just the right element to cold weather fashion. Make sure you check how the color of the fur looks with your skin. Some tones like deep black and silver mink beige will work with more of your wardrobe. A wooly vest in a lighter brown works well as a stand-alone piece over a sweater, and may even be belted when worn with jeans.

5. Printed posies

Floral prints in the fall you may ask? Yes, but only if they are graphic, bold and in the colors of the season. Stay away from small print floral and dainty cottons as they tend to look summery. Graphic floral in bright hues of crimson, hot pink and midnight blue seem modern and not at all like grandma’s Sunday best.

6. Man up

Along with the aforementioned boot-cut slacks, tailored vests and jackets that feel a little masculine are a hold-over from last year’s still-viable “boyfriend jeans or blazer.” The key here is masculine details, like a watch pocket on the vest and a dapper cut to the lapel. Button down shirts worn with more feminine looking skirts can also blend the menswear trend into whatever you already own. Man-styled shoes like brogues and spectators will also do wonders to revitalize your closet!

7. Long and leggy

Longer skirt lengths anywhere from the knee down to the floor are being shown in lots of runway collections. This is the perfect time to try out different lengths for you. If you’re at all shy about maxi skirts, then find one with a slit at the front and pair it with tights and some awesome boots.

As I’ve said time and time again, what goes around in fashion comes around again, and many times it just may be at the Goodwill retail store near you! See what you can add to your wardrobe this fall, and don’t forget that you can get it at Goodwill for a lot less, all while supporting local programs that are vital to your community and the planet.

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