Simplify with Winter Whites

Henry David Thoreau said “Simplify, simplify, simplify.” While most of us will find it difficult to reduce our lives to a level that the famous writer would approve of, there are many lessons we can – and should – take from his perspective. No, you don’t have to move to the woods and build a cabin. Let’s start with something easier: when in doubt, pick white! Painting a wall? Choosing a sweater? Going bold is fun, but if you find yourself hemming and hawing over a color decision, keep it simple by choosing white. Easy, right? You’ve got this.

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Gone are the days of not wearing white after Labor Day. Perhaps Juno and the many other crazy snowstorms that have been hitting the U.S. lately have inspired this latest trend of white-on-white, but whatever the reason, I’m not complaining! Neither is Lindsey Herzog of Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota (St. Paul) who recently praised the trend for its simplicity and focus on texture rather than color or pattern. She even points out that the great thing about dressing all in whites is that you can mix different hues and still match! Can’t complain about that. This is a wonderful way to simplify your morning routine and pare down to the essentials in your closet without compromising style.

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If you’re an avid thrifter, chances are you know this feeling all too well: You’ve found a piece of vintage furniture with great bones, but it needs a little work. There’s a world of possibilities before you, and yet you’re afraid to make a mistake and ruin such a beautiful piece. The pressure is on! Well, I’d say that this dresser makeover shared by The Storage Geek completely nailed it. The original wood was restored preserving the age and authenticity of the piece, but by adding white accents, it was updated enough to look chic and relevant in a modern home. The dresser looks simple, but striking. Well done!

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Now, I know there are a lot of people out there cursing Punxsutawney Phil for proclaiming six more weeks of winter, and I haven’t forgotten you! Simple winter whites will transition perfectly into spring. Just take a look at this gorgeous display shared by Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan (Kalamazoo)! It may be modest, but it is anything but boring! The whites of the milk glass and frames (both very common in thrift stores) brilliantly brighten this spring-inspired mantel while still keeping it minimal.

If these crisp, white blog subjects inspire you to simplify, know that Goodwill can help. Gather up anything you decide you can live without and bring it to your local store for donation. Your donation to Goodwill makes a positive impact on your community and the environment, which is definitely something Thoreau would approve of.