Spring 2017 Closet Cleaning Guide

Spring Closet Cleaning GuideSpring is here, so it’s time to refresh your closet to reflect 2017’s fashion favorites! In today’s guide, we’ll identify two styles that are over (and safe to donate!) plus one easy and enduring trend that works for every body type and is currently enjoying another moment on the runway. Read on for some spring style inspiration!
Fashion is cyclical, and it’s very likely that these looks will come back in style someday, but today’s spring cleaning mission is to weed through your wardrobe, so we’ve identified two trends you can donate. This year, fashion authorities have announced that we can say goodbye to the lace-up bodysuits that have been popular in recent years. To take it a step further, I think it’s safe to clear out any lace-up looks that aren’t footwear. This was a hard style to conquer anyway so it should be easy to say goodbye.
Next up: while we all love grabbing a souvenir from a fun event, the tour merchandise fad that was a top trend last summer (think: “I’m a belieber” caps) is fading fast since it can actually come off as braggy or uninspired. And doesn’t it always seem like that top you stood in line for at a packed concert never really fits the way you hoped it would anyway? Avoid the frumpiness of ill-fitting tee-shirts and other tour merch by letting them go. You have the memory of the event, and that won’t take up any space in your closet at all! Since these types of purchases can sometimes be sentimental, if you absolutely have to keep one special piece for lazy days at home, that’s okay, but knowing that band tees won’t be a fashion focal point this year, try to trim your collection.
Ready for the fun part? This spring and summer ruffles are back in a big way! They’re bold, exciting and versatile. You can add movement to every ensemble by finding the right ruffles to compliment your lifestyle and body type. Since they run the gamut from gauzy, draping layers to starched, structured collars, you can use this dramatic accent to draw attention to your favorite features or away from areas you’re self-conscious about. Here are a few tips:
A purple tank with ruffles and a blue colared shirt
Frame your face with a collar ruffle or use a shirt with tuxedo-style ruffles to draw attention upward. Ruffles add detail to your look, so you can skip accessories and let this puckered fabric be the focus, which saves you time and effort in the morning without coming off as bland.
A black-and-white striped peplum tank and a pink strapless peplum swimsuit top
Peplum tops or skirts, which have an hourglass-enhancing waist ruffle, can add shape to a slim silhouette or perfectly accent curvy hips. On bathing suits, this type of ruffle provides playful coverage so you can have fun and still be comfortable at the beach.
Two teal evevning wear pieces - a ruffled blouse and a dress with tiered rufffles
Ruffles have a reputation for being youthful, but you can see their sophisticated side on these two wedding-ready pieces. Delicate tiered ruffles are fun and forgiving, and in such an elegant color they don’t come off as immature.
Two black tops - a short-sleeved ruffled blouse and a tank top with ruffles
Get flirty with ruffles in a sheer peekaboo fabric or with a ruffled take on the classic little black dress. These two styles are perfect for when you want to show off your shape!
A turquoise ruffled peasant top and a dainty floral skirt
Or you can always play it safe with subtle ruffles at your hemline or on cap sleeves. These little touches infuse an outfit with a cheerful and modest mood that’s great for work days.
This season, I’m also on the lookout for ruffles on off-the-shoulder tops, bell sleeves and maxi dresses. But since I’m somewhat impatient, if my Goodwill® patrol doesn’t turn any of these up soon I might just make my own!
And that’s the fashion forecast for the next couple of seasons! By contributing to Goodwill, either with donations or dollars spent, you’ll expand services that create stability in your community, so a spring closet cleaning is about so much more than just making space for the latest trends. Are there any styles you see gaining momentum for spring and summer?