Spring at Goodwill® Means Finding a Fresh Start

What’s the most exciting thing about the springtime? For me, it’s how BRIGHT everything becomes. After the time change there are more daylight hours and once the leaves pop, their vibrant greens seem to electrify the air. Today I want to focus on how we can capture that luminous quality that springtime has and use it to enthuse the rest of our lives.

Photo 1
Image via instagram.com/thegoodwillgal

I’d love to start by showcasing this gleaming display shared on The Goodwill Girl’s Instagram feed. This, to me, is the epitome of the hope that spring provides. A wall of milk glass punctuated by eucalyptus branches and citrus is luminous and fresh in the same way that April is. I can almost smell the lively atmosphere she’s created! Milk glass can be the perfect blank canvas for seasonal décor because it’s bold and beautiful, but its simplicity truly highlights whatever accents you place amongst it. Another plus? There is always a ton of milk glass for sale at incredible prices through Goodwill.

Photo 2
Image via Blog.GoodwillEasterSeals.org

Just like The Goodwill Gal’s display, Kara took a cue from spring with this outfit which she kept light and breezy. When she was stuck in a drab fashion rut, Kara headed straight for her local Goodwill to shake things up and went home with several new purchases including this array. One simple tip she learned from Goodwill Easter Seals (St. Paul) (which is demonstrated in the above ensemble) is to top off every look with the appropriate accessory. Jewelry can be an easy way to elevate attire as can the introduction of color! Although we’ve just focused directly on clean, pale hues, using lots of colors will also put some springtime pep in your step. Find out which color family works best for the greatest variety of skin tones by reading the rest of Kara’s blog post!

Image via GoodwillWY.org

Bringing spring into your home and wardrobe can be a breath of fresh air, but if you really want to feel a part of the season there’s just one thing left to do: get your garden on. The great news is that Goodwill can help you there, too! My friend Jenna points out in her blog post for Goodwill Industries of Wyoming (Cheyenne) that there really is nothing thriftier than growing your own food. Here’s a great out-of-the-box tip, though – you don’t have to have garden space to garden if you have Goodwill! Search the aisles for anything that could accommodate a pile of dirt and some seeds and you’re ready to DIY your own garden. A filing cabinet may seem a crazy solution, but it made for a successful gardening endeavor!

Spring is really all about fresh starts, so, to me, this season goes hand-in-hand with Goodwill itself. When you support Goodwill and aid in its success, public dollars are saved because their programs move people from public assistance to employment. A new job is a bright future for those receiving job training through Goodwill and that’s all thanks to people like YOU who scour the shelves looking for milk glass or peek under the glass case for the perfect spring accessory. Thank you all!