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    Starting the Habit Early

    Now that my son Jack is two months old and ready to see a bit of the world, I felt it was time to pass on my family’s thrifty habits. Can’t start ‘em too early, right? So we headed to a new Goodwill store in Columbia, MD, to check out some baby goods he might be interested in.

    It didn’t take long for us to find a onesie that was a very fitting first thrift-store purchase for Jack—it says, “If I don’t sleep, nobody sleeps.”

    photo 1

    Ain’t that the truth? In the cart it went.

    And what kid’s room is complete without a handmade rocking horse? We found an awesome one that someone put a lot of love and work into that was a great size for an itty bitty guy like Jack. And across the aisle was a cute red kid’s chair—too bad Jack’s name wasn’t Nicholas. But it’s a great find for a lucky baby Nicholas out there!

    photo 5

    I have to admit—seeing all the cute girls outfits on the other side of the aisle made me wanna have a girl, too. But there was plenty of cute boy stuff as well. And it’s not just cute kiddo clothes to coo over—there were brand-new glass baby bottles still in the boxes, a brand-new baby grooming kit and some cool Keens for when Jack’s ready to run free down the aisles of the thrift store on his own!

    photo 2

    All in all a great first thrifting experience for my little guy. And since he’s named after my grandfather who taught me to love thrift stores, I have a feeling it’s a family trait that will live on for many years with him.

    Jenna Isaacson
    is a journalist, Midwesterner and thrift addict. She started her project All Thrifty States, in 2010. In 2011, with support from Goodwill and Kickstarter, she spent 52 days traveling 10,000 miles in an RV documenting items, people and scenes from thrift stores in 30 states. Now with 40 states complete, she intends to publish a book when it's complete. She lives in Washington, DC with a very patient husband.
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