Take a Goodwill® Challenge

It isn’t often that I get sucked into YouTube, watching one video after another, but I have to admit that I get hopelessly lost whenever I start watching $5 Goodwill Challenge videos. Tonight was especially bad because two of my loves were combined: Goodwill and Christmas. But how could I help myself? It turns out that there are some truly posh holiday displays shared online designed around Goodwill finds. Here are a few…

Video via YouTube

The $5 Goodwill Challenge video that inspired today’s post is part of a collective project that any YouTuber can contribute to. The goal is simple: take $5 to Goodwill and see how many items you can find for seasonal home décor. This particular user highlights two elegant plates and a stunning large apothecary jar (I love these!). She styled them together with some other bits and bobs to create a posh centerpiece that captures the magical glow of the season for very little money! I actually brought home a very similar second-hand jar recently and was planning to turn it into a terrarium. That will have to wait now that I’ve seen some wintry options!

Image via pinkpistachio.com

If filling an apothecary jar with twinkle lights and glittery baubles is a little too glam for your taste, another festive idea is to turn it into a giant snow globe like Goodwill Industries of Michiana (South Bend, IN) did instead! I find this sweet display to be charmingly nostalgic. But I hate to play favorites, so I’ll have to mention that this blog post also includes six other ideas for decorating your mantel with thrifted finds this holiday season (no apothecary jar necessary for the others)! Pop on over if you’re in need of ideas.

Image via facebook.com/GoodwillNow

You know, all of this decor would work nicely as gifts, too! With such a beautiful present inside, you’ll want the wrapping outside to be just as unique. Skip the typical paper in favor of a more eco-friendly option that will match the classy gift you’ve wrapped. Goodwill is always striving for a more environmentally-friendly way of life, for example; Goodwill agencies serve as sustainability innovators by harnessing renewable energy, including installing solar panels on their roofs to becoming LEED certified, so it isn’t surprising that Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio (Toledo) suggests wrapping gifts with thrifted clothing this year! So many spiffy patterns spruce up their racks, so it won’t be hard to find one that you would enjoy using as giftwrap.

What do you think of these décor and gift ideas? They’re a classy grown-up version of everyone’s favorite holiday memories so I bet they’ll please your friends and family this year. Happy holidays!