Three Ways to Warm Up With Goodwill®

Now that the sparkle and shine of the holiday season has subsided, you may find yourself feeling a little blue. If you live in a cold climate like me, you may even look a little blue! The temperatures have dropped and without the glow of a Christmas tree to brighten things up, the chill is even more apparent. So this week, I made it my mission to find three wonderful ways to warm up with Goodwill®.

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Image via Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan

Let’s start with a morning staple and the best way (in my opinion) to warm up from the inside out: coffee. I know what you’re thinking – coffee solves everything, doesn’t it? The answer is, yes. Yes, it does. That’s why I applaud Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan (Kalamazoo) for sharing this darling, and super thrift-friendly, coffee station. They’ve got an entire post with coffee bar inspiration and how to make it happen for just a matter of dollars! It’s a must-read for any caffeine-addict like me. Grab a cuppa joe and head on over to see what you can find at Goodwill to make your very own at-home coffee bar!

Image via Belle Vie

Before the warmth of your brew wears off, let’s take this to the next level with a cozy cardigan like this beautiful burgundy one that Haley of the blog Belle Vie tracked down at her local Goodwill. As she says in the post, draping a cardigan (plus tights and boots) over a summer dress is a savvy way to extend your summer clothing throughout every season! Have you ever tried this technique yourself? I pair dresses with oversized cardigans often and here’s another trick if you live where even more layering is necessary: depending on the neckline of the dress, you can usually get away with a secret long-sleeved shirt as a base layer, too! Drop by your local Goodwill to buy warm sweaters like angora and wool at a fraction of their original price.

Video via Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee

Headed outside? Try making your own mittens from the sweaters you find at Goodwill. This is a wonderful option if you happen to see a gorgeous sweater that’s not your size or needs some repair. Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee (Nashville) shared a story on their blog about Laurie Gagliano who turned repurposed sweaters into a mitten business. She made it her mission to scoop up sweaters by the armful and create one-of-a-kind pieces to sell and to share with those in need. Why not give it a try yourself? I promise, making mittens from second-hand sweaters is simpler than you’d think!

With that, I leave you until next week. May your coffee be steamy and your sweaters be snug! If you find that you are in the market for either, you know where to find them for a reasonable price. Goodwill’s goal is to aid in the success of people who are striving to earn a paycheck and support their families so by supporting Goodwill, you are helping to keep those people (now employed, thanks to Goodwill!) warm this winter, too. Thanks for making a difference within your community!