Thrift is SO Having a Moment Right Now

As your self-proclaimed “thrift culture” blogger, I feel it’s my responsibility- nay – my duty this month to point one simple fact to the blogosphere.  Let’s all join hands and bow our heads– thrift stores are really having a bit of a moment right now.

A recent tidal wave of pop-up thrift shops across the country in recent months (including one last week at SXSW), an uptick in thrift-inspired Twitter and Instagram posts with hashtags like #goodwill #goodwillfinds #poppintags and #thriftshop, and even Shakespearean references to thrifting on Twitter, it’s obvious people are flying their thrifty flags high these days and flooding social media outlets with some second hand pride.

Need I even mention the name Macklemore? If you haven’t heard the super catchy tune Thrift Shop yet, then welcome back to Earth, my friend.  Just try to watch the video without breaking out into a funk-tastic dance number, I double dare you. The song is everywhere now– including in the flood of posted links to the song that seem to constantly appear on my personal Facebook page. Over the past few months, friends of mine have begun discovering it, sending me a link just in case I haven’t seen it with excitement worthy of Christmas morning. And each and every time I see a new link to it appear, I can’t help but click it and crank it up as though it’s my first time hearing it, too.

Part of the video for it was filmed in the Seattle Goodwill Outlet, one of the many amazing stops on day 10 of the epic All Thrifty States tour! It’s no surprise here that such a cool song came from a Seattle native since I saw first hand that those folks know how to live thrifty in serious style– just like Beautiful!

So in honor of this awesome spotlight that thrift is enjoying right now, raise your thrift flag high with us!   Show us your hashtagged thrifty goods!  Shake your backside to some thrifty beats! And definitely spread the word that it’s not just fun and economical, it’s the best way to give the Earth a little hug with each dollar you spend.

Now go pop some tags!