Top Three Things Your Mom Wants For Mother’s Day

This Sunday will be my first Mother’s Day as a mom and my new perspective has me looking at the years ahead. I imagine the man I hope my two-month-old will grow up to be: a kind, responsible, and loving person who honestly enjoys his time with me. If your mom is anything like I am, there are the three things she’ll want most this Mother’s Day.

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1. She’ll want to see that she has taught you some valuable life lessons like financial responsibility. I cringe to think that my son might someday make frivolous purchases out of habit or a lack of willpower. Spending within one’s means is so important, but can be difficult to practice in this credit-driven society. You can show your mom how thrifty you are by creating your Mother’s Day gift yourself from second-hand and found materials like April, the blogger behind House by Hoff. She picked up these darling milk glass pieces and added effortless succulents so her mom could enjoy the refreshing beauty of greenery without having to pay them an exuberant amount of attention. If this easy, yet stunning, home décor project sounds like something you’d like to try, click through to her blog for tips on pulling it together!

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2. Your Mom will want to know that you think of others before you think of yourself. I was looking through some Mother’s Day gift ideas shared by Goodwill Industries Serving Eastern Nebraska and Southwest Iowa (Omaha) when I was reminded of how special this organization really is. At the end of the blog post, there’s mention of Goodwill’s mission: to aid in the success of people who are striving to earn a paycheck and support their families. It would make me, as a mother, proud to know that I kindled a sense of social responsibility in my son, and seeing him support Goodwill when he is older would do this. It’s so easy for you to give back to your community in this way, too. All you have to do is shop at or donate to your closest Goodwill and starting with a Mother’s Day gift (try a gift card if you’re indecisive!) seems perfectly appropriate.

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Mom wants, above all else, just to spend time with you. Go thrifting together! Go out for lunch! Collaborate on a craft! I loved the DIY dioramas that were created by two young brothers for their mom last Mother’s Day from toys and jewelry found at Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc. (Indianapolis). A project like this would be such a fun way for the mother of young children to appreciate the imagination that her little ones posses and it’s cheap and easy home décor (with a story), too!

What do you think? Did I get it right or is there something else the mom in your life desires even more? No matter what you decide upon for a gift or family activity this Sunday, I hope your Mother’s Day is just as wonderful as I know mine will be.