Turn Up the Texture

If there’s one shopping tip that will successfully lead you to exciting purchases no matter what you seek, it’s this: try new textures! This goes for fashion, home decor, and—hey, even grocery shopping! As shoppers, we tend to play it safe by sticking with the things that are comfortable for us. But life is about taking chances and adding some new fabrics and feelings to your home and closet is a safe way to try new things. Here are some examples:

Image via Instagram.com/reneecarmine04

This boho basket is brimming with personality, but, thanks to a monochromatic color scheme, it isn’t overwhelming decor. Goodwill Industries of Dallas (TX) regrammed the thrifted piece that one of their customers toned up with chunky yarns and I was instantly impressed! At my local Goodwill® stores, there is always at least one entire shelf crowded with plain baskets just waiting for someone with an imagination (and a need for organization) to claim them. Simply wrapping one with your choice of textiles—try lace or ribbon, too—is an easy way to add texture, make it your own, and seamlessly integrate it into your other home decor.

Image via instagram.com/thriftsalegift

Turning up the texture equally enhances your wardrobe, too! Fun fabrics mean you get to stick with your favorite hues and styles, but still adventure into statement pieces. If you look at this dress shared by Goodwill of North Georgia (Atlanta), their customer is rocking a thrifted piece that plays it safe with color and shape, but adds over-the-top texture to catch the eye. Although you may not find this exact dress donated to your local shop, unique donations are pouring in every day and you never know what you might find! Plus, each local Goodwill organization uses their donations to fuel a social enterprise that provides job opportunities and funds other important job placement and training programs to help people find jobs, earn paychecks and build their careers, so whatever you do pick up, you’ll be improving your attire and your community!

Image via creative-ambitions.blogspot.com

This wintery mantel display has me itching for a cup of cocoa and my cozy slippers. How about you? Would you ever have thought that a pillow case, placemats, and bare branches could be combined with some other thrifted items to create such a gorgeous presentation? Fabric scraps mounted on cardboard and a plain vase wrapped with a sweater vest (ingenious!) bring in a softness to balance out the piping cord and printer’s type case. Kendra from the blog Creative Ambitions has completely outdone herself with this inventive use of textiles. Again, we see a cohesive color scheme so the texture steals the show. With the wintry branches reaching outward and snowflakes sprinkled throughout the arrangement, the mismatched textures in this decor are all pulled together. A+, Kendra!
Are you ready to create your own versions of these fun finds? Even the frock could be DIY-ed by thrifting a plain dress for the foundation and adding some lace with basic sewing skills. Texture can add so much depth and interest to your world so the next time you’re out shopping, I hope you’re inspired to try something new.