Weekend Project: A DIY Father's Day Gift From Goodwill®

Picture frame with belt surrounding it
If your family is like ours, there are very few things Dad loves more than receiving a handmade gift. Goodwill® has become my go-to source for materials I need to create unique home furnishings and accessories.  One item that’s almost always plentiful at Goodwill stores is a selection of picture frames.  Can you see where we’re headed with this?  What dad doesn’t cherish a family picture?  Instead of just popping a photo in a frame, I decided to show you how to combine two common Goodwill items to create a knock-out, custom picture frame that can proudly be given as a truly one-of-a-kind gift this Father’s Day.
In the past year, our local Goodwill stores have been stocking good-looking belts in vibrant colors. I’ve been gathering up colors every time I shop there, and now I have many from which to choose.
Another collection I’ve had on hand for about a year is a set of four 10”x14” painted black picture frames. I was almost ready to re-donate them, but then I had this idea. It doesn’t take any special tools or materials, and you can create it in about 2 hours.
Here’s what I used:

  • Pencil
  • Triangle with a 45 degree angle
  • Sharp utility knife
  • Contact cement or E6000 glue
  • Picture frame with flat side
  • Two belts (you can also use a brown or black leather belt on a lighter frame)

Miter belt corners
The most important thing in this project is getting the belt cut at perfect angles so that when you glue it down, the edges will match up. After it’s completed and the glue has dried, attach a little hanger on the back and fill the frame with a spectacular photo that will make Dad smile every time he sees it.
Press the Belt Down
Every time I create a project for my home or a gift for someone using Goodwill materials, I feel really good about it. Did you know that every 42 seconds of every business day, a person served by Goodwill earns a good job?  That’s enough to make me keep donating, as well as shopping like crazy at Goodwill.
Picture Frame Belt
Belt Picture Frame from Goodwill