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Back to Work: 100 Job Seekers, Volunteers Share Their Goodwill® Success Stories

Sherry GordonWhen you’re facing challenges finding a job, talking to people who’ve been in your shoes and found success can give you the encouragement you need to keep your head up during the tough times. In late 2009, we launched Goodwill’s “My Story” series, giving job seekers coming to our page the chance to hear and read the first-person stories of people who have improved their lives through the Goodwill job training, career placement and volunteer programs your donations help support. Almost two years later, we are honored to share our 100th story on the site.


Job Seekers Dress for Interview Success with Goodwill’s Support

For some job hunters, finding affordable business attire to wear to interviews can put a strain on already-tight budgets. Goodwill® agencies in the Greater Washington-Baltimore region and Pennsylvania are helping area job seekers dress for success, thanks to a regional clothing drive partnership with ZIPS Dry Cleaners. Called Will2Work, the partnership aims to collect donated suits, dresses, blouses and slacks that adults from disadvantaged backgrounds can wear to job interviews or to the office once they are hired.


Goodwill® CNA Training Program Helps Single Mom Succeed

Maria Swartz, a single mom who never finished high school, assumed a career was out of reach until she was introduced to Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs’ new Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program. The course includes classroom and lab instruction, hands-on clinical training and valuable experience at Goodwill day programs serving individuals with disabilities and other special needs. Goodwill staff members help students prepare for the CNA exam and help place them with local health care providers after graduation.


Goodwill® Reflects on Spirit of Service Following September 11 Attacks

All Americans remember where they were on September 11, 2001. It was a sad and frightening day that left many of us feeling vulnerable and unsure of our safety as Americans. Despite the shock and the sorrow, we refused to let the attacks weaken our great nation. We emerged from that day with a renewed commitment to one another, united with a common goal to help strengthen our communities and our country. This weekend, we reflect on how the Goodwill enterprise rallied to support workers and employers in the wake of the tragedy, and how that spirit of service continues 10 years after the attacks.


Goodwill® Helps Low-Income Families Hit the Road for Job Success

For many low-income job seekers trying to achieve economic stability, landing a job is only half of the battle. Monthly car payments can quickly drain already limited resources, and without a vehicle, just getting to work can be a challenge. In Michigan, growing numbers of low-income families are getting the vehicles they need to travel to work and run basic errands, thanks to Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan’s Workers on Wheels (WOW) program. The Goodwill agency has worked with a local car dealership, Jack's Auto Sales and Services, for the last 12 years to get the most value out of their vehicle donations.


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