Services for Youth

A young woman squatting next to a buildingWe help you start your career by building on your strengths and understanding your goals.
If you are struggling in school, or have dropped out of school, committed a crime, or have a disability, we can help you find a way to succeed.
We can help you figure out a career path, provide you mentoring opportunities, or offer you ways to help you live independently.

How We Can Help

  • By focusing your interests and skills into a career plan.  This plan will help you seek the right training and gain the right skills and experience.
  • Mentoring opportunities You can be matched to someone who you can talk with, ask questions of, and find out how they dealt with problems.
  • Career fairs/days at your school or in your neighborhood and Career Centers that for job searches, classes in career planning, and summer employment.
  • Service learning, internships and volunteer opportunities with businesses and nonprofits.
  • Job shadowing and Hands-on training to learn about potential occupations and meet career professionals.
  • Job training for retail sales, technology, refurbishing computers, and green jobs, such as recycling and electronic recycling.
  • High school completion or assistance getting your General Educational Development (GED) diploma.
  • Daily living skills to help you figure out how to live independently.
  • Financial education to develop or refine your money management skills.
If you’re interested in taking advantage of these opportunities, contact your local Goodwill to see what programs are available in your area.