Services for Immigrants

At Goodwill career centers across the country, we welcome people from all ethnic and national backgrounds, including new arrivals to the United States. Our organization began in 1902 by supporting immigrants in Boston, Massachusetts. We continue to believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to support themselves, their families and obtain the support services they need.
Goodwills assist immigrants and refugees from Europe, including Russia; Africa; the Middle East; Asia; and most of all, from Latin America and the Caribbean.
You can see how we’ve assisted people from Latin America by accessing our report “Opportunities for Hispanic/Latino Workers” (PDF).

What to Expect at Your Local Goodwill

Each Goodwill offers services that meets the needs in the communty. Depending on which city or town you live in, you may find different career and family services. In most cases, you should be able to find:

  • One or more Spanish-speaking staff.
  • Signs in Spanish and English.
  • Training classes with bilingual instructors.
  • Classes in reading, English as a Second Language (ESL), or Vocational ESL
  • Referrals to other community organizations, if we can’t offer you needed services.

At Goodwill, we work with foreign language and Spanish-speaking job seekers to create job opportunities, assist you with documentation and help navigate the U.S. immigration system.
Visit one of our locations, today to help you and your family pursue your dreams!