Dallas, TX

As the sole caretaker of her five grandchildren, Rosa was struggling to financially support her family even though she was already working a steady job. Wanting to provide financial stability for her grandchildren and still have time to spend together as a family, she sought a new job and career path at Goodwill Dallas (Texas). She was hired by Goodwill and her new role gave her the much-needed opportunity to better provide for her family.

Rosa is thankful that Goodwill gave her the opportunity to prove how capable and hardworking she really is, and she now enjoys her job and the people around her. A devoted grandmother, Rosa always strives to find time to spend with her family and small ways to put a smile on her grandkids’ faces.

How Your Donation Helps the People in Your Community

When you donate new and gently used items, such as a pair of jeans, you help someone like Rosa find a job.

Local Goodwill organizations sell your items in stores and online, and the revenue generated provides valuable employment training and job placement services for people in your community.

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