Congressman Bobby Scott Recognized by Goodwill Industries®

ROCKVILLE, MD – Goodwill Industries International is pleased to honor Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) as a recipient of its Goodwill® National Policymaker Award for 2012. The award recognizes a federal lawmaker who has clearly demonstrated support for Goodwill’s public policy priorities.
Goodwill Industries serving the communities of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia nominated Scott for his support of Goodwill’s services and programs, including the AbilityOne Program, which creates employment and training opportunities for people who are blind or who have other significant disabilities. In addition, he has demonstrated support for Goodwill’s job training and community-based services for veterans and people with criminal backgrounds, as well as the Medicaid waiver programs, which provide employment or one-day programs for people with disadvantages and allow caregivers to maintain employment. Scott has continually engaged with Goodwill to show support for the organization’s efforts to provide services for people with challenges to finding employment, including the more than 19,000 individuals throughout Central Virginia and Hampton Roads that have received career development, training and support services from Goodwill in 2011.
“Congressman Scott is an avid supporter of Goodwill’s programs and is keenly aware that our organization needs multiple funding streams in order to offer comprehensive services,” said Charles D. Layman, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries serving the communities of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia. “Due to the economic situation in our country, this funding has been limited, but Congressman Scott has a record of supporting those initiatives that benefit our target population.”
At a reception in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, April 17, Scott was recognized and thanked for his ongoing support and influence for issues relevant to Goodwill. The reception was part of Goodwill Industries International’s sixth annual Advocacy Day, Local to Global: Strengthening our Community.
“Goodwill provides opportunities for people who are facing challenges to finding employment because of disabilities, lack of education or job experience, and other disadvantages,” said Scott. “Goodwill creates jobs and provides the tools for people to achieve economic security.”