My Story: Sanique Pierce

Despite my recent accomplishments, my journey is far from over. I have aspirations to continue growing in my career and making a name for myself. My advice to anyone who feels like giving up is to keep pushing through and searching for new opportunities. I can’t stress how important it is for job seekers to grow their social and professional networks, whether they can do so on their own or need the assistance of organizations like Goodwill®. Get out, meet new people and see what opportunities are out there. Today, my future is looking brighter than ever, and I want to pay it forward by sharing my story in hopes of inspiring others to persevere.

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My Story: Carra Wilson

Carra Wilson is an advocate for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment, a true example that success in your professional and personal life is possible when you have both courage and a strong work ethic and seek help when needed. "I used to think I would never be able to keep a job, but through my dedication and hard work plus the support I received from Goodwill, I now have a job that I love."

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My Story: Brandy Eplion

Brandy is a prime example of the good that can erupt from perseverance. After finding herself living with her two kids in low-income housing, Brandy realized that she needed help and reached out to her local Goodwill® for support. Her determination and commitment to hard work have changed her life and helped her succeed.

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My Story: Carolyn Smith

After finding the courage and the willpower to break away from an abusive relationship, Carolyn Smith was able to thrive with the help of her local Goodwill. She now works to provide care and hope for women who are recovering from a number of substance abuse addictions.

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My Story: Sarah Pine

My name is Sarah Pine. I am a single mother of three children, a grateful recovering addict with six years clean, and I have a learning disability. I grew up in an alcoholic home and started using drugs with my mother when I was nine years old.

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My Story: Amy Ofenbeck

Amy Ofenbeck had a promising career as a television news anchor when she first moved to Southwest Florida. But those dreams were put on hold in 1997, when she suffered a grade-five brain aneurysm. She was just 26 years old.

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My Story: Allison Dees

In 2014 unexpectedly, my fiancée died tragically. He was the sole source of income for me and my four children. The shock and depression crippled me. My mom, who is from Maryland, stayed with me for about nine months. We met with Greta [from Goodwill Industries of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana] and talked about computer classes and possibly working at the Goodwill store.

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My Story: Tiarra Barrera

Six years ago, I was a single mother raising two young children while living in a low-income housing community. Determined to support my family, I enrolled in Goodwill’s Certified Nurse Assistant Training Program.

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My Story: Tieausha Thomas

I was raised by my single mother of five children who struggled with drug addiction. What can I say? Life was extremely hard. We always seemed to lack the basic necessities.

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My Story: Patrice Blackstock

I became a mom at the age of 15. I hadn’t any real guidance because my mom was often sick. I got involved with the wrong crowd very early in life. I just wanted to belong, be loved and appreciated.

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