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13 comments on “Community Guidelines
  1. I am an old Goodwill employee from San Francisco, Ca. to you all who do goodwill. There are no saints here, so I think its inappropiate for us non-seat holding judges to judge. Do the best that you can. Dont worry if they dont. some wont, Charge yourself (who you can change.) those that wont, or dont will hopefully want what you have because they dont. Dont claim what they have because you didnt!
    Be the best that you can be, DO GOODWILL evry day.
    Thank you!

  2. Goodwill has been an inspiration to me. It has for many years helped me in giving back to those less fortunate and in need in my country (Monrovia Liberia). Because I was able to buy things at a price I could afford from Goodwill stores, I was able to help many people. My inspiration of opening a store that will benefit the less fortunate in Monrovia Liberia West Africa is from Goodwill. So thank God for Goodwill and those that donate to Goodwill.

  3. Volunteering with ‘Goodwill Industries’ this year has been one of the most emotionally rewarding experiences of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my friends at ‘Goodwill Industries’ the happiest of holidays, and I look forward to helping out with future efforts in 2015.

  4. Regarding the Goodwill Thrift Store in Somerset,PA, 15501 area:
    Attn: Mr. Dave Dryer and Mr. Cliff Kauffman,
    I recently had a most unpleasant experience at a retail store (NOT Goodwill). My knee-jerk reaction was to write to somebody at that business, and complain. Then, I realized that what I should do, instead, is write a letter to an organization regarding their stellar employees, and my experience with such organization.
    Hence, this note: I’ve been a long-time customer of Goodwill Industries’ Thrift Stores. As a former military member, I’ve been to many stores throughout the country. Always a pleasant experience, I must say that the store in Somerset, PA, currently managed by Ms. Susan, Ms. Janet, and Ms. Holly, have, and continue to go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether or not I purchase something during my visit, this management team has always made me feel like a special guest, and their professionalism is above the grade. I am not nor have ever been affiliated with Goodwill Industries, apart from shopping and occasionally donating to one of my favorite organizations.

  5. I am always complimented on my appearance. I have always found the best clothing and shoes at Goodwill. I sing your praises constantly. I love spending my Sunday afternoons shopping for my designer clothes. I recently paid 3.49$ for a pair of Nine West Black Leather high heel shoes. I absolutely love, love, love my Goodwill.
    The cashier is always helpful, friendly and fast.
    Every aspect of this place is a definite 10+.

  6. A few comments if I may. As a frequent shopper at the GOODWILL OUTLET store in HAMDEN, CT, I would like to take the time to acknowledge two young men who do an outstanding job at the store. The first young man’s name is MATT. He’s a handicapped young man, he has a very effective way of keeping things in line at the store. As a matter of fact, this past Saturday late in the afternoon, he got on the house microphone to announce they would be closing soon. When the people arrived at the cashier area, young MATT was the only one working there. I hope it’s not a case of taking advantage of someone, just for the sake of saving a few bucks. I see him in action many times, and he gets right in there regarding the bulk work, moving the big bulk tables etc. He is a credit to that store. The store manager DANA,is also a very effective employee. I see him in action, and this young man does anything and everything, with no hesitation. He also is a credit to that store, and as far as I’m concerned, you should be blessed to have both of these men working for you. They go above the call of duty, and I believe that not only do they deserve to be recognized for what they do, but also deserve proper wage increases. Thank you for reading about two young gentlemen, who know how to work with the sometimes rowdy public.

    Fort Apache/Flamingo store has the kindest most professional staff in town. I look forward to each Wednesday; truly a unique shopping experience. Thank you for your attention to detail and cleanliness.

  8. Goodwill is a good store I loved working there the workers feel like a family to me I want to go back and enjoy my work at Goodwill is on blossom hill and korz it make me happy at Goodwill

  9. My family donated many things to Goodwill today. We were promptly greeted at our car, and the employee unloading the things was very courteous and efficient. The retail store also had very friendly employees, and it had a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Everything was displayed well. Thank you Goodwill, for being available for donors and shoppers.

  10. Years ago, the local Goodwill provided vintage dresses and models for a delightful fashion show at our church. Does Goodwill do this kind of thing any more? It was delightful to those who attended, and was publicity for our local Goodwill.

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