Take Action: Welcome Your Lawmaker to the 115th

If you’ve been paying attention, as my colleague Paul Seifert puts it, to the “whirlwind of policy activity that has Washington insiders scrambling to keep up,” you may be working to keep up with it all as well. In addition to the new administration in office, a new Congressional session — the 115th Congress — has begun. With more than 60 new members in the House and Senate, now is our chance to connect with the “freshman class” as well as your seasoned members of Congress and tell them what’s important to you with a tweet.
In one year alone, local Goodwill® organizations collectively served more than 37 million people including 61,000 veterans and 25,000 military families, 316,000 people who self-describe as having a disability and more than 88,000 people under the age of 25. More than 42,000 people engaged with Goodwill organizations to earn credentials and increase their lifetime earning potential. In order to best serve people, in the new Congress we must continue to advocate for policies that help support communities and strengthen futures.
With so many of us focused on the 24/7 news cycle, you can get in on the action and tweet your own lawmakers directly — about issues that matter to individuals and families — regardless of the rhetoric in Washington. We’ll be putting up a new message every day for a week to support education, training and career opportunities for people with barriers to work — check back each day for the latest to share with your lawmakers. You can advocate for all people to find jobs, care for their families and build a brighter future.
Join us as we welcome your lawmakers and highlight critical issues at stake in the 115th Congressional session. Remind Congress what they’re charged to do and what you expect of them as a constituent.