Working with SCSEP older workers

Can I have SCSEP participants train or work at my organization?

We are always looking for new training locations for SCSEP participants.  If you would like to have participants placed at your non-profit or governmental agency and you are located in one of our SCSEP areas, visit our page on becoming a Goodwill SCSEP host. (Link to Host Agencies – see below, page 3)

How can I employ a SCSEP older worker?

Older workers are a motivated, talented and largely untapped workforce. They are mature, responsible, dependable and their life experience can bring value to your organization.
Along with these benefits, Goodwill SCSEP graduates possess valuable experience and talent that comes from on-the-job training at non-profit organizations and public agencies. SCSEP graduates have updated experience and are ready to take their skills and know-how to the next level.
Our program graduates are screened, interviewed and trained for the demands of your workplace.
If you would like to learn more about hiring one of our Goodwill SCSEP graduates, contact your local Goodwill SCSEP site.