Happy Goodwill Week - images of community responses to COVID-19 pandemic

For more than 60 years, local Goodwill organizations across the United States and Canada have celebrated “Goodwill Week” during the first full week of May. During this time, local Goodwills have historically provided a number of in-person events and opportunities for job seekers and people looking to advance their careers, allowing them to participate in Goodwill’s mission.

This year, things look a little different. The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible impact on countless individuals and communities. Those effects have been felt at personal and professional levels and are still being navigated by many who are looking to get back on their feet and on the road to recovery.

During these difficult times, local Goodwills have taken many dramatic actions. Many have had to reduce hours or close retail and donation centers entirely to protect the health and safety of supporters and employees. Others have actively participated in efforts to relieve the direct needs of the individuals and communities they serve. Local Goodwills have been and continue to be on the front lines to help and serve our neighbors.

Local Goodwills have also taken strong steps to continue delivering core mission services and programs through online and virtual platforms. Many now offer fully virtual delivery of their services, including, but not limited to, online learning opportunities and virtual career fairs. This transition occurred almost overnight to meet the acute needs felt by millions affected by the pandemic and subsequent workforce crisis.

As communities slowly start to reopen and rebuild, Goodwill remains committed to providing life-changing opportunities. The way in which that commitment is delivered looks a little different right now. But, the resolve remains unchanged. As part of Goodwill Week, we invite you view the gallery of response efforts many local Goodwills have undertaken to continue to serve their communities. We hope they are reminders that we can continue to find good everywhere, even during uncertain times.

From all of us, we wish the best for you as you care for yourself, your loved ones, and those around you. We are in this together, and we will get through this together. Please be safe and help as you can.

Goodwill’s Community Support

As the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has forced nearly all Goodwill organizations to temporarily close retail locations and other facilities, many have formed partnerships at the local level to respond to the crisis and help people get much-needed resources.

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