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    Ten Ways to Turn an Internship into a Full-time Job

    By Marina Lecubet

    An internship is an exciting time. You wanted to build skills with the company, and they wanted you to come and learn from them. They gave you a position and put you to work, maybe for the first time. But you have longer-term goals.

    Fortunately, while you’re learning key workplace skills and building a professional network, it’s also possible to turn your time with the employer into a full-time job.

    How do you make sure that your time with the company gives you the best chance to earn a full-time position once your internship is over? Here are 10 ways to impress the company:

    1. Send a thank you note to the hiring manager and/or HR once hired as an intern. It’s a professional courtesy, plus everybody likes to know that they are appreciated!
    2. Ask specific questions, like “What is the dress code?” about the job and workplace culture.
    3. Act like an employee and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
    4. Connect with your team. Blend in and mingle, and offer yourself for special assignments and projects. Volunteer for fun activities and committees. Become a real part of the workplace.
    5. Connect with key personnel; not just managers, but those employees who are most admired for their diligence in their work and time in the company.
    6. Care about your work. Be diligent. Go the extra mile and care about what you are doing.
    7. Show interest in the company. Study its history, its connections in the community, its professional milestones.
    8. Listen to your supervisor, and take their advice and guidance.
    9. Read and know the employee handbook. Respect company policy, and ensure that you are up to standards for everything from dress code to safety procedures.
    10. Practice diversity. Keep personal differences aside, and learn from others.

    If you’re able to do these things, you’ll show that you care about your internship and want to pursue a longer-term working relationship with the company. People, especially your supervisor, will notice your effort, which can go a long way toward building a stable future with the company and the career of your choice.

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