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    Five Minute Fixes 280

    Five-Minute Fixes (Part Two)

    Are you ready for another adventure in thrifting? This week, let’s talk about how it’s possible to be incredibly busy (and even a little bit lazy, if you’re anything like me…) and still accomplish your own DIY projects! The secret is to find thrift store treasures that are mostly cool, but just need a little love. Then with a few minutes and a plan, you’ll be able to turn it into something really special. When I spot something at Goodwill® that interests me, but needs a facelift, I often consider doing one of the following: painting it, repurposing it, or trimming it. One of those three options usually yields a unique project that I am really proud of.

    Paint it
    Image via PaintedPolished.blogspot.com

    There are so, so many thrifted finds that could benefit from a fresh coat of paint; furniture, picture frames, lamps, vases – you name it! The shabby metal tray above was nothing special until Carli from the blog Painted & Polished painted it black. Suddenly, this new hue allowed the tray’s texture to show. The overpowering sheen of its previous finish had been hiding each tiny detail around the edges, too. Now, a new spin has allowed the tray to unite three individual candles to create a lovely neutral centerpiece that looks effortless and chic. Way to go, Carli!

    Repurpose it
    Image via Instagram.com/GoodwillSquad

    If painting something doesn’t feel like the right route, you could always repurpose it. I love how the patinas of an antique drawer and some yardsticks were preserved in the project pictured above by their being combined into a fancy serving tray. It just takes a saw and some glue to rearrange the pieces into this darling new focal point for a tabletop. Goodwill of Erie, Huron, Ottawa and Sandusky Counties (OH) gets a gold star for sharing this finished project on their Instagram account. I’m inspired! How do you feel about this five-minute fix?

    Trim it
    Image via NaughtyBaubles.blogspot.com

    Shoes are shoes, right? What can be done to bring cast-off boots back into the current fashion world besides just waiting for them to be appreciated for their vintage qualities? Well, it depends on the style, but the boots-turned-booties pictured above are a fantastic example of how five minutes, a pair of scissors, and a clear vision can really create something relevant. Thanks to Goodwill Industries of the Valleys (Roanoke) for sharing this idea on their DIY Fashion pinboard. A few snips here and there can transform other garments, too – a skirt that is just too long or flared jeans that you could rock as skinnies. The best part about updating thrifted finds is that if you mess up, you aren’t losing a lot of money…just head back to Goodwill and start from the beginning again.

    Goodwill is no stranger to encouraging fresh starts. When the products on their shelves find a new life with you, your dollars help guide some of your community members in a new direction, too. People who have participated in Goodwill’s career services have gone on to work with competitive employers including the Internal Revenue Service, General Electric, General Motors, SE Johnson, Whirlpool, and the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines truly finding success after facing hardships. It will take them a little longer than five minutes, but the lesson is that with the right set of tools and a solid plan, anything can turn around.

    Julia Marchand
    is a home decor/DIY blogger at LITTLEroost. From her little roost in rural New England, fueled by coffee and fresh air, Julia blogs for Goodwill Industries International creating sustainable DIY, home decor, and fashion content from thrifted finds.
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    • Robin Holly
      February 27th, 2016 at 12:58 pm

      I found a shirt,didn’t fit but had cool patches. That same day found a beautiful green color cardigan and perfect fit jeans. I cut out the patches and with fabric glue. I glued patches on cardigan and jeans. Looks fabulous and get compliments. People ask me to make the some. I’ve also taken chairs and covered with whatever inspires me while looking thru goodwill. I should just be hired to show how to refurbish and inspire idea for shoppers .

    • Ian Spooner
      March 14th, 2016 at 7:03 pm

      Good Job I like keeping up the good work thank you guys.

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