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    Thrift Stores: Where Nothing Is Ever Discontinued

    Stack of dishes from Crate and Barrell

    Happy summer everyone!  For lots of us, summertime means weddings. Being a June bride myself, I often wondered why so many of us choose such a hot time of year to get hitched. I remember being so hot at my outdoor ceremony that I felt bad for the guests and honestly couldn’t tell if I was sweating profusely or crying — or both.

    (Answer: Both, but mostly epic sweating.)

    A few days after my sixth anniversary last month (thank you, thank you) I realized I hadn’t been out thrifting for a while so I thought I’d check out the nearest Goodwill® to me here in Northeast DC. It’s one of my favorites and always offers up happy little surprises.

    Little did I know there was a little anniversary surprise in store for me! You see, when I registered for dishes all those years ago, I wanted dishes I’d actually use and not just look at. The ones I decided on were simple, adorable and apparently (unbeknownst to me) about to be discontinued. My lovely mother-in-law-to-be at the time raced from outlet to outlet looking for any sign of my poor discontinued dishes before my wedding, only to find not a whole lot of them left. We’ve been eating off our cobbled together collection ever since.

    Fast forward six years, three addresses and a multitude of meals later– the set is looking a bit chipped up. That’s why I nearly had a fit when I spotted this pile of my discontinued wedding dishes NEW WITH THE TAGS for sale on an endcap at the Goodwill.  Four dinner plates, four tea saucers and two teacups. I texted my husband a photo in disbelief and stared for a minute to make sure it was real. I’m sure others browsing were wondering why the girl in housewares appeared to have won the lottery — especially because each piece was less than $2. I couldn’t get those dishes in my basket quick enough!


    So thank you, Goodwill, for always being full of surprises– and making me a happy bride even six years later!


    Jenna Isaacson
    is a journalist, Midwesterner and thrift addict. She started her project All Thrifty States, in 2010. In 2011, with support from Goodwill and Kickstarter, she spent 52 days traveling 10,000 miles in an RV documenting items, people and scenes from thrift stores in 30 states. Now with 40 states complete, she intends to publish a book when it's complete. She lives in Washington, DC with a very patient husband.
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    • thriftygirl51.blogspot.com
      July 26th, 2013 at 10:41 pm

      That is a great suprize, how exciting! Very pretty dishes too.

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