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    A job is just the first step! Goodwill® offers a diverse range of services to help ensure you maintain a strong family and stable finances.

    As you maintain your job and advance your career, you may need support to help stretch your dollars or save for the future, and to get assistance with things like childcare, transportation and housing. If we don’t offer a specific service in-house, we’ll do our best to connect you with community partners that can help you achieve your goals.

    Make the Most of Your Money

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    You work hard to earn your money – let us help you make the most of it. In addition to our regular job training services, many Goodwill organizations offer financial education and support, such as:

    • Financial Coaching: We can help you learn how to better manage your money. Our Goodwill staff will work with you to review your household budget and current debt, then help you develop a plan for moving forward.  If you’re at risk of foreclosure, we’ll let you know about your options and help you get back on track.
    • Savings and Loan Support: Our staff can help you establish an account at a bank or other financial institution, develop a savings plan and access the loans you need to go back to school, start your own business, or purchase a car or home.
    • Tax Preparation: Many Goodwills offer free in-person and online tax preparation services to qualified households, and will ensure you receive all of the tax credits you deserve. Before paying a tax preparer big bucks to file for you,  get in touch with your local Goodwill agency to find out about services in your area.

    Ready to get your finances in gear? Contact your local Goodwill today!

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    Family Services and Support

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    As you’re looking for work and advancing your career, we’re committed to helping you ensure your family has the supports it needs to be successful. Goodwill organizations provide a wide variety of services, which can include:

    • Education programs focused on improving literacy, building English language skills (for non-native speakers), earning your high school diploma or even acquiring the skills to successfully protect and care for your children.
    • Community services including childcare and after-school programs for youth, social and educational programs for seniors and people with disabilities, as well as screening services to see which federal- and state-supported benefits programs for which you may be eligible.
    • Other family supports such as financial aid for education and access to transportation to help you get around in your community.

    Each Goodwill offers services tailored to the specific needs of its community; get in touch with your local headquarters today to find out what opportunities are available in your area.

    Find Family Services in Your Area

    Entrepreneur Resources

    Small Business Owner

    Interested in opening your own business? Some Goodwill organizations offer resources to help future small business owners get their idea off the ground. These include:

    • Starting your business: If you are interested in starting your own small business, but don’t know where to begin, your local Goodwill may be able to help.  Attend classes that can provide stepping stones for starting your business.
    • Financing your business: If you want to open a small business, but don’t have the financial resources, know that  several Goodwills provide loans or partner with community resources to help individuals like you start up your business.
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    Additional Services

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    Every Goodwill provides services needed by people in their community. When you contact your local Goodwill, ask about support services such as housing, clothing vouchers, medical rehabilitation, childcare, after-school programs and adult day services.


    If you need help with housing, are homeless, or are struggling to keep up with your rent or mortgage payments, your local Goodwill may offer affordable housing options or be able to connect you with one of its community partners dedicated to helping people have a safe place to live.

    Some Goodwills provide specialized affordable housing services to support seniors or people with disabilities who want to live independently.

    Clothing Assistance

    Should you need emergency clothing, help with back-to-school outfits or attire for a new job, many Goodwills provide one-time assistance to purchase clothing in a local Goodwill store.  Contact your Goodwill to learn if it can help with your immediate clothing needs.

    Medical Rehabilitation

    Your local Goodwill may offer rehabilitation services. The Goodwill team can help participants learn or re-learn work and social skills, prepare for independent living and help them return to work.

    Childcare and After-School Programs

    Some local Goodwills provide child development or after-school programs. Some Goodwill child development services combine education with care to prepare children to reach their full potential. After-school programs may support educational success  as well as recreational activities.

    Adult Day Services

    Some Goodwills provide day services for older adults and individuals with disabilities who need daytime support and supervision. Programs encourage independence through self-care skills, goal setting, and community activities.

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