Flag Day Evokes the Spirit of Unity

Our country celebrated a bittersweet Flag Day earlier this week, as a nation in mourning.  This June 14 marked the centennial of this observance, first proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson.  Congress later enacted a statute officially recognizing Flag Day in 1949.  The flag is a symbol of leadership and is what unites us.  Yet every flag flown at half-staff was a reminder to me that it is a symbol of our democracy and emblem of our freedom, in good times and bad.

In his proclamation, President Wilson urged people to “rededicate ourselves to the nation.”  What better way to do so than to wave a flag proudly, advocate on behalf of a cause you believe in, or engage in your civic duty and vote?  In a case of serendipity, the final primary for the U.S. Presidential election was held in Washington, DC on Flag Day.

In the weeks and months ahead the two major political parties will declare their nominees for the highest office in our land.  Their platforms will be established and will serve as the foundation for policies set by the next Congress and Administration.  As the elections heat up, differences among candidates at all levels may try to divide us.  During this time, consider the principles that unite us and the actions that you can take as an individual that can make your community stronger.

On the heels of this Flag Day, and as we lead up to the Fourth of July, we encourage you to share your thoughts about what the flag means to you.  What action might you take to celebrate what it means to be an American? What do you view as your civic duty? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.