Feeling Patriotic? Show Your Pride by Shopping at Thrift Stores

American flags being sold at a Goodwill store

Every time July 4 rolls around, I’m reminded of three things: American flag sunglasses, cakes decorated with berries and watching the  sky burst with bright, patriotic colors as I nurse my most recent farmer’s tan. But I digress.

It’s also the time of year that  reminds me that so much of what I’ve seen in thrift stores are products made in America as well as items that let us display our national pride. That’s right–thrift stores are not only eco-conscious places to shop, they’re often filled with flags, Americana and lots of things made right here in the U-S of A!

I recently visited a store just to see if I could get my American pride all pumped to celebrate the birth of these thrifty states, and again I was not disappointed. So many of the goods I saw there were made with quality in mind by people who lived and worked right in our own backyards. The store was also brimming with t-shirts, flags and American-made vintage housewares that have been loved before but not lost to the trash heap.

Dishware made in America

One of the first things that I notice when I enter is a big stack of dishware with an adorable aqua design around the edges. I am pulled to their beauty and they go in my basket almost immediately after I pause to briefly to flip one over to see what it says. It was no surprise to me that these tabletop treasures were made right here in the US, something that makes me feel even warmer and fuzzier about my selection.

Think about it.

When you shop secondhand, you’re buying something that still has value and has endured the test of time already. It’s reducing the need for foreign goods, saving space in our landfills and saving us money.

I heart New York t-shirt

So whether you’re searching for an Old Glory to grace the patio of a new abode, an “I (HEART) NY tee to boast your love of the crossroads of America or simply something that was made with American hands, look no further. The answer is at Goodwill.

Because there’s really nothing more patriotic than thrift.