Help Someone Earn Financial Freedom by Supporting WIOA

It was two years ago near July 4, that Congress showed a rare form of bi-partisanship and passed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the law that establishes job-training programs and vocational rehabilitation services. The following year, around this time, the agencies responsible for overseeing the law’s enactment released the proposed regulations for implementation.  Just prior to the holiday this year, the final rules were made public.

It is fitting that during a time when we celebrate our freedom and independence, policy wonks like me are analyzing rules impacted by programs that local Goodwill® organizations run to help put people to work.  Programs and services provided under WIOA give people the liberty to set their own career pathways.  Having a paycheck can provide people with financial independence.   And yes, finding a career that you love can help you in your pursuit of happiness.

Now that the law is in effect, Congress won’t have to take on major changes until the next reauthorization in five years.  In the meantime, Congress is working on appropriating funds for these programs.

We’ll be relying on your help to tell Congress  to provide the funding needed to fully implement WIOA and continue to invest in job-training programs that work in order to Goodwills to continue to help people reach their potential and achieve their version of the American dream.  Be sure to register for our Legislative Action Center to ensure that you receive future updates and action alerts as Congress continues on the appropriations process.