Advance Your Career, Education Opportunities with ESL Classes



“I speak Spanish at home and my English is not very good. My brother told me I should take ESL classes to help me get a job, but I don’t know. Tell me what the classes are like. Do they really help?” – Juanita from Las Cruces, NM


Learning a second language is not an easy task.  Attending English as a Second Language (ESL) classes requires commitment and dedication but the benefits are priceless.  It seems that you already have some knowledge of the language; thus you will be expanding on the English you already know.

The classes are primarily designed with a range of techniques and methodologies to develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary skills in regards to the English language.  ESL teachers and students are always available to help new students integrate into the class environment.

Not all ESL programs are the same, and finding the right ESL program may require you to sample a couple of sessions before you decide to enroll.  The more ESL classes you attend, the faster you will become proficient at the English language. Please contact your local Goodwill for ESL resources available in your community.

Many individuals with little-to-no English proficiency encounter difficulties finding a job, or may work in lower paying jobs with no opportunity for advancement because of their language limitation. Increasing your English proficiency could bring about a myriad of employment opportunities with higher pay that makes it worth learning the English language.  Today, there is also an increasing demand within every industry for bilingual candidates to fill jobs that require English and Spanish skills.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are a number of newly emerging occupations in social services such as cross-cultural counselors, bilingual teachers and consumer credit counselors. Furthermore, knowing English increases your access to educational opportunities that might further your progress into a professional career.

I am happy to tell you that you are already on the path for success since you already know Spanish. Many opportunities await you as you expand your English knowledge and become a bilingual individual.