Assessing Your Skills for the Job You Want

By Randy Wooden, Director, Professional Center by Goodwill, Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

One constant in the job market is change. Whether that change is the result of a pandemic, normal economic cycles, or ever-evolving technology, our ability to compete means we’ll need to be lifelong learners.

If you are currently unemployed, do you have the skills to compete for the jobs available today? What about jobs of the future? If you’re currently working, are your skills up to date to keep your current job and advance in your career?

Try taking some skills assessments to see where you might need additional focus. There are many free online resources to help. Here are several:

  • ­Indeed ­– Indeed Assessments let you proactively take assessments for your Indeed profile, offering you a way to showcase your skills to potential employers. To see what kinds of tests we offer, check out the test module library on their website.
  • O*Net OnLine – O*NET has designed a set of self-directed career assessment tools to help you consider career options, preparation and transitions.
  • CareerOneStop – CareerOneStop offers interests, values and skills assessments to help you learn more about how a variety of careers might suit them.
  • The Balance Careers – This sites offers links to a variety of external career and interest assessments.
  • LinkedIn Skills Assessments – LinkedIn Skill Assessments allow you to take assessments on various skills, including tech, general and other skills. Once on the site, click the arrow to expand the list of assessments available in each area.

Another way to see how your skills compare to what employers are seeking is to speak with recruiters and hiring officials. Conduct informational interviews to get a sense of how you may need to upskill to be a highly qualified candidate..

You may also want to talk with people who do the sort of job for which you are interested. Ask them what skills they feel are important to their success.

If you need additional assistance to assess and learn new skills, reach out to the experts at your local Goodwill. We’re happy to help you navigate modern hiring practices, including career exploration, résumé writing and interview coaching.

During this time of physical distancing, many local Goodwill organizations are providing virtual career coaching, online training, live virtual classes, and other career development services by phone or video conference, all at no cost to you. To stay connected and learn about career services available in your area, visit the Goodwill Locator. Click the Filter option and select Headquarters only. Then, enter your ZIP or Postal code and click the magnifying glass or hit Enter to find your local Goodwill’s website, social media channels or phone number for localized information.