Compete in the Current Job Market as an Older Worker

Media coverage on the American economy paints a bleak picture for unemployed Americans, especially older job seekers. Talented workers have been laid off and now exceed the number of job openings, making the competition for jobs fierce. In today’s economy, your job hunt will take longer than ever before.
Despite this dreary picture, there are still jobs available for those with the persistence to find them. If you’re an older worker looking for a new career, consider the following strategies to get ahead of your competition and gain employment.
Pull out your contacts, and let everyone know you need a job. Call your family members, old friends, neighbors, former colleagues and anyone else that can help! Networking is more helpful in finding employment than answering ads and attending job fairs.
Update Your Résumé
Your résumé only has a few seconds to capture an employer’s attention, so you want it to be perfect. Goodwill® employment specialists and friends who are familiar with résumés can review your résumé and give you valuable feedback. The critique should not only look at format and facts, but also consider that employers are looking for flexibility, the ability to adapt to change, strong communication skills, open-mindedness and interpersonal skills.
Stay Positive
No matter how long you have been searching for a job, remember that you have unique talents, abilities, gifts, skills and experience. Your strongest asset is YOU!
Seek Hot Industries
Look for industries that are growing and need to build a workforce by conducting research online at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Currently, there is a growing market for green collar jobs. Investigate programs that are geared toward helping older workers find employment through training such as the Senior Community Service Employment Program.
One bright spot is that many employers are predicted to start hiring retired workers on a part-time basis. According to business futurist firm, The Herman Group, employers will be looking at older workers to provide a more reliable and trained workforce instead of having to recruit and train new young employees.