Goodwill®’s Value to Employers

Companies want to hire talented employees.  What’s Goodwill’s role in that process?  Let’s explore some of the ways Goodwill works to create value for employers in their local area.

Each of the 161 Goodwill regions, including my local Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC, operates autonomously.  This allows us to customize our education and training programs to meet the specific needs of our local community.

Goodwill coordinates with area employers to learn what skills are in demand today.  Whether it’s a skilled trade like HVAC, plumbing, welding, etc., or other fields such as nursing, truck driving, hospitality, culinary, customer service… Goodwill seeks to provide the training and education to meet employers’ needs.  Along those same lines, Goodwill also works with employers to better understand the jobs and skills trends of the future.

In our case with Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC, we’ve formed a number of Business Advisory Councils (BAC’s) which meet monthly. While other Goodwills may not use the BAC term, they keep their ear to the ground for employer needs in their local area.

Another way Goodwill adds value to employers is through hiring fairs.  Whether the event is for one company or many employers, Goodwill helps connect companies with local, talented people.

Because many Goodwills have programs geared to assist specific demographics, we can often be a valued resource for employers with a targeted need.  For example, companies doing business with the federal government have a heightened need for hiring veterans or those with disabilities.  My local Goodwill has robust programs in both those areas.

In the unfortunate case involving displaced workers, whether it’s one or two folks or perhaps a much larger number, Goodwill is there to help those workers with their job search. While it’s obviously a difficult time for the worker, it’s not a joyous time for the employer either.  At least an employer can feel good about being able to steer the worker to free, local resources for individualized assistance.

So, whether companies are adding jobs or shedding jobs, Goodwill can be a free resource with solutions customized to the local job market.  Again, all Goodwill regions are autonomous, so contact yours for more information on how they can partner with your organization!