Make the Most of Your Job Search with Indeed + Goodwill®

Indeed, the world’s number one job search site, has partnered with Goodwill to help individuals find jobs and advance their careers. Indeed is providing resources to make it easier to navigate the online job seeking world during and after the pandemic.

  • Check out Indeed’s Coronavirus Job Resources page, which is designed to help you manage your job search today and in the months to come.
  • Indeed offers a number of resources to help start your job search, such as updating and uploading your resume, researching companies, automating your search and easily applying for jobs. To get started, check out the Indeed 101 tutorial and dive deeper with the ten ways you can use Indeed like a pro.
  • Indeed just introduced a brand new resource to help with your resume. When you submit your resume using Goodwill’s partner page, you can receive a personalized 10-minute video review explaining how you can improve your resume so you stand out to employers. Once your resume is posted on Indeed, return to the Goodwill + Indeed partner page and follow the prompt at the top of the page to request a review.
  • New community discussions around key employment topics are now available as well on topics such as ways to overcome unique barriers to finding jobs, how to identify unique skills and how to navigate the realities of the job search process during times of high unemployment, among others. Goodwill career coaches from across the country are providing advice and support to job seekers on these threads, providing a great way for you to learn from experts.

During this time of social distancing, many local Goodwill organizations are providing virtual career coaching, online training, live virtual classes, and other virtual career development services by phone or video conference, all at no cost to you. To learn about career services available in your area, visit the Goodwill Locator. Click the Filter option and select Headquarters only. Then, enter your ZIP or Postal code and click the magnifying glass or hit Enter to find your local Goodwill’s website, social media channels or phone number for localized information.

You can also access online skills-building resources now. If you are looking for immediate work, you can connect with employers that are immediately hiring. Find a job today.