Celebrating and Working with Fathers

This Sunday children (both young and old) across the country will pause to celebrate the influence their fathers have or had in their lives. Goodwill Industries International (GII) joins with these kids across the country to recognize the important role fatherhood can have in the lives of a young child and we also recognize the work that organizations nationwide are doing to help struggling fathers gain the job skills and stability they need to support their children and families.
Goodwill® has a long history of working with parents to help them provide for their families. One such example of this important work directly working with fathers is the FATHER Project, a program of Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota (St. Paul).  The FATHER project works to ensure that parents, especially fathers, have the opportunity to play a positive and defining role in the lives of their kids.
For almost 15 years the St. Paul Goodwill has operated the FATHER project. After its inception in 1999 the FATHER Project was administered by the City of Minneapolis and ultimately became a core program of the St. Paul Goodwill in 2004. From 2012 to 2016, over 700 FATHER Project participants were placed in jobs that increased their hourly earnings. Additionally, over 97% of participating fathers report that the FATHER Project has helped to increase their personal commitments to financially supporting their family.
The FATHER Project has received national recognition as an effective and innovative program helping serve fathers across Minnesota, including individuals like Reynold. Meet Reynold and learn about his story.  This is but one example of the work local Goodwills across the country are undertaking to serve parents in their communities. This Father’s Day weekend Goodwill reaffirms its commitment to offer programs and services to help all parents succeed.
You can help us serve the members of your community. Visit the GII Legislate Action Center and sign up to be a Goodwill Advocate today!