My Story: Damian Winfield

Before I came to Goodwill Easter Seals, my life was a disaster. I had no job, no income, no substance in my life and no foundation. What brought me to Goodwill was my child support counselor. She directed me to a number of programs that involved fathers because I needed to establish some income, and I needed my driver’s license.

One of the numbers they gave me was Goodwill’s FATHER Project. The FATHER Project was a place where I got a place to know myself, to get to explore myself and understand my rights as far as being a father.

My dad was not around. I had no idea of how to be a father. When I met the people at the FATHER Project, it totally gave me a chance to see that I was going to be a different person if I stuck there.

When I got into the FATHER Project at Goodwill, they helped me with education, employment, my driver’s license and they helped me with skills that I did not have before. Now I am an advocate and a counselor. I do a number of mentorships and consider myself an all-around seasoned father.

Because of Goodwill Easter Seals’ FATHER Project my life has a better outlook. I have goals now. I have things I‘m looking forward to and a way to push my kids toward something that really matters. My kids are now looking up to me, not just as a father but as a provider. I am security, as well as a foundation and substance.

I’m happy, and my kids are happy. I appreciate my life so much more and it’s not just my kids, it’s the mothers of my kids that I appreciate. Without their support, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

Sometimes my life seems confusing and there are so many distractions with things coming and going. Now, I am trying to put things in perspective, and I’m learning to take one thing at a time. With the help of Goodwill Easter Seals’ FATHER Project, I know I have a way and I will make it happen.

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