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    My Story: Damian Winfield

    Before I came to Goodwill Easter Seals, my life was a disaster. I had no job, no income, no substance in my life and no foundation. What brought me to Goodwill was my child support counselor. She directed me to a number of programs that involved fathers because I needed to establish some income, and I needed my driver’s license.

    One of the numbers they gave me was Goodwill’s FATHER Project. The FATHER Project was a place where I got a place to know myself, to get to explore myself and understand my rights as far as being a father.

    My dad was not around. I had no idea of how to be a father. When I met the people at the FATHER Project, it totally gave me a chance to see that I was going to be a different person if I stuck there.

    When I got into the FATHER Project at Goodwill, they helped me with education, employment, my driver’s license and they helped me with skills that I did not have before. Now I am an advocate and a counselor. I do a number of mentorships and consider myself an all-around seasoned father.

    Because of Goodwill Easter Seals’ FATHER Project my life has a better outlook. I have goals now. I have things I‘m looking forward to and a way to push my kids toward something that really matters. My kids are now looking up to me, not just as a father but as a provider. I am security, as well as a foundation and substance.

    I’m happy, and my kids are happy. I appreciate my life so much more and it’s not just my kids, it’s the mothers of my kids that I appreciate. Without their support, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

    Sometimes my life seems confusing and there are so many distractions with things coming and going. Now, I am trying to put things in perspective, and I’m learning to take one thing at a time. With the help of Goodwill Easter Seals’ FATHER Project, I know I have a way and I will make it happen.


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    • Alison Pearsall
      July 18th, 2011 at 7:20 pm

      Dear Goodwill Employees,

      I just want to tell everyone at Goodwill how much I love you!!! Goodwill is the greatest organization that helps so many people, me included. I donate household/clothes items all the time and I also buy items all the time!

      I work for the State of AZ and trust me the pay we get is not the greatest (yes, I know I do have a job and I am gratefull), but thanks to Goodwill I have some of the nicest clothes to wear to work. I could be a poster lady for Goodwill with no problems, I love to shop with you all so much!!! Sometimes, I have thought I wonder why Goodwill does not have a fashion/household show (You could have models/emloyees come out in an area and stand or sit next to some of your furniture and household items and model clothes at the same time.)? A small fee could be charged to help even more with your work and I think customers would enjoy it (I know I would!). I always tell everyone where I shop and the great buys I am able to get!

      May God bless all of you everywhere for the work you do to help people! You are truly some of our Father’s most wonderful workers and helpers!!!

      Best wishes to all of you and thank you again!
      Alison Pearsall

    • Sang Ranieri
      January 27th, 2015 at 5:52 am

      So evidently Family Circle is giving away a lot of mags because I receive it unrequested too!

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