Get Thrifty with Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother and Daughter shop at Goodwill

This Sunday marks the annual praising-of-the-moms day. If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until the last minute. But here’s a quick rundown ideas if you’re still unsure of what to do — ones that won’t break the budget.

Plaque that says "You Can Either Agree with Me or You Can Be Wrong."When I was on my thrifty trip last month through 18 states of the East Coast for my All Thrifty States project, I ran into countless moms. In Burlington, Vermont, I met Kimberlee and her daughter Cali, who were shopping together– and have been every Saturday for the last eight years.

When you think about it, thrift stores are a pretty perfect place for bonding with mom. You can find stuff for each other, you get great bargains, you can go your separate ways for awhile and then meet back up to compare treasures– plus with all the money you save you can hit a great restaurant afterwards or pack a picnic and hit the park.

If you don’t think your mom’s up for treasure hunting, you’re in luck too.  Thrift stores are FULL of vases and gifts. Why spend all kinds of money getting flowers delivered when you can make an amazing DIY bouquet with a great (and cheap!) repurposed thrift store vase, a bouquet of flowers (from your own garden for MAXIMUM thrift value!) and maybe a cute whirly-gig or something cute you can find at most any thrift store as well to liven up her garden.

T-shirt reads "I Love Hot Moms"Last of all, you can clean your mom’s place. That’s right — all moms love a fresh look at their own space, especially when they don’t have to raise a finger to make that happen. So go over and grab a bag and start filling it with stuff she doesn’t need anymore. You’ll probably want to make sure she agrees, however, before donating these items to the nearest Goodwill.


Instant Mother’s Day happiness– and goodness!  Not only will your mom have some room to spread out and put her feet up for a day, but all her unnecessary knick knacks will go to help people in the community as well.

So make your Mother’s Day a thrifty one.

And don’t forget — hugs are always free!