Hospitality and Food Service Careers Put Your Personality to Work

Diverse group of hotel staff.Want to work in an industry where a smile, bubbly personality and patience can be worth more than a college degree? Consider career options in the hospitality and food services industry, where being a people person and being able to make others feel welcome are as much of a requirement as prior experience in the field.

Find training for employment in the field

To break into the hospitality and food service fields, find a quality company with an opening in a position that suits your personality and capabilities. Part-time jobs at hotels or restaurants can allow you to test out the possibilities.
 Looking for classroom learning? Some high schools and community colleges have programs that can be an excellent first step to a career in hospitality. Training programs can also be found in hotel and restaurant chains, as well as other hospitality-oriented businesses.
Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics pages on food service and hospitality to learn more about the skills needed to work in the industry.

Explore your job opportunities

A career in the hospitality and food services industries can take many shapes, including employment as a hotel and motel clerk, waitress and waiter, housekeeping personnel, reservations personnel, and restaurant and cafeteria staff member.
In addition, consider various employers, from the restaurant down the street to something more exotic. Job opportunities exist in many locations, ranging from a roadside motel, hotel, restaurant or amusement park to a world-class, exclusive, luxury resort with fine dining. Many employees at upscale hotels and restaurants got their start in the hospitality and food services field and worked their way up.
Start exploring potential careers by checking out  Indeed’s list of current openings in the food service and hospitality sectors.

Get your foot in the door with Goodwill’s help

Many Goodwills across the United States offer training programs to help people like you get started in the hospitality and food service industry. Check out just a few individuals who have found success in the field with support from Goodwill:

  • Billy Rife, a 37-year old man with a visual impairment, found job success as a food service specialist at a South Carolina Naval Weapons Station with support from Goodwill.
  • After receiving computer and hospitality training at a North Carolina Goodwill, Shell Richardson found permanent employment at her local Hampton Inn. Her success in the position led to a promotion to sales coordinator within three years of holding the job.

Need assistance getting your foot in the door in the hospitality, food service or other industries? Contact an employment specialist at your local Goodwill to find out about programs and services available in your area.
Looking for hospitality and food service job advice online? Connect with professionals who can help advance your career:

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